How to burn calories per hour: 32 best ways!

The calories that we burn in an hour are a good indicator of how intense weight loss is. But the most important thing is that you enjoy it and do it regularly.
When you enter a new regime, trying to get in shape, you are often looking for what you really like and what will have a positive effect on your health and fitness. Of course, nutrition is one of the important factors in losing weight, but the calories we burn per hour are a good indicator of how intense the exercise is.

How many calories are burned per hour

The data presented here shows the number of calories burned per hour by a 90 kg person.

The number of calories may vary slightly depending on your constitution, gender, age and other factors. In addition, if a particular activity burns more calories, it does not always mean that it is the best for you.
The most important thing is that you enjoy it and do it regularly.

1. Slow walking – 255 kcal per hour

2. Bowling – 273 kcal per hour

3 Sport ballroom dances -273 kcal per hour

4. Chinese gymnastics Taiji – 273 kcal per hour

5. Rowing – 319 kcal per hour

6. Slow, quiet cycling – 364 kcal per hour

7. Volleyball – 364 kcal per hour

8. Golf – 391 kcal per hour

9. Skiing – 391 kcal per hour

10. Fast walking – 391 kcal per hour

11 Low intensity aerobics – 455 kcal per hour

12. Running on an elliptical trainer – 455 kcal per hour

13. Strength training – 455 kcal per hour

14. Baseball – 455 kcal per hour

15. Water aerobics – 501 kcal per hour

16. Swimming in a calm or moderate rhythm – 528 kcal per hour

17. Walk on foot – 546 kcal per hour

18. Rowing machine – 546 kcal per hour

19. Water skiing – 546 kcal per hour

20. Cross-country skiing – 619 kcal per hour

21. Hiking – 637 kcal per hour

22. Skating – 637 kcal per hour

23. Aerobics high intensity – 664 kcal per hour

24. Roller skating – 683 kcal per hour

25. Basketball – 728 kcal per hour

26. Tennis – 728 kcal per hour

27. Running (at a speed of 8 km per hour) – 755 kcal per hour

28. Running on stairs – 819 kcal per hour

29. Intense swimming – 892 kcal per hour

30. Taekwondo – 937 kcal per hour

31. Jumping rope – 1074 kcal per hour

32. Running (at a speed of 12 km per hour) – 1074 kcal per hour.

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