Serbian vegetable dish- Aivar

Photo by Shameel mukkath from Pexels

Aivar is a Serbian vegetable dish that can be served both immediately and made blanks. Each Serbian family has its own cooking methods and additives, only the base remains – baked sweet pepper. In this case, the additives were eggplant and garlic. The ratio of pepper to eggplant goes in a ratio of 6: 1.


1 kg of red bell peppers

150-170 g eggplant

2 clove. garlic

2 tbsp. vegetable oil

1 tbsp. red wine vinegar

Black pepper


Cooking method:

 1. In the original, peppers are baked on a wood-burning stove in the summer kitchen, I baked in an oven at 220 ° C, turning it over until almost all of the skin was charred and blistered. Eggplant before the baking chop.

2. Take out the peppers and put them in the bag. Package tie and leave to cool. Cool eggplant, choose pulp from it. Traditionally baked peppers leave to sweat overnight, then peel to leave without problems. I left for half an hour.

3. Remove the peppers, release all the juice from them. Juice can be frozen and added to meat dishes with gravy – for example, in goulash, this juice has a light aroma of smoke.

4. Remove a thin layer of charred skin, carefully clean the seeds – we need only the pulp.

 5. Grind the pulp of pepper, eggplant, garlic in a meat grinder or blender, pour into a thick-walled pan, add oil, boil, stirring, over medium heat until thick. The thickening measure is determined as follows: put a spoon of aivar from the saucer, wait a couple of minutes and see if there is liquid around the pulp. If the liquid is – cook further. When the liquid is no longer separated – add salt and pepper to taste, pour out the wine vinegar (or balsamic to taste).

6. If you are not going to preserve aivar, you can remove it from the fire and serve (most often it is served with flat cakes to soak out aivar as a sauce). If you are going to preserve – while the mass is boiling, scald the jars and keep them hot.

 7. Pour the aivar into sterile jars to the top. Preheat oven at 70 ° C. Turn it off and then place the filled jars inside the oven. Leave it for the night.

8. In the morning, pour the very top with boiled hot vegetable oil. Screw caps.

9. Store in a dark, dry, and cool place.


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