Vegetable terrine


200 g dry white beans

250 g canned, fresh or frozen green peas

250 g of fresh or frozen corn kernels

500 g fresh spinach

2 medium carrots

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Aivar is a Serbian vegetable dish that can be served both immediately and made blanks. Each Serbian family has its own cooking methods and additives, only the base remains – baked sweet pepper. In this case, the additives were eggplant and garlic. The ratio of pepper to eggplant goes in a ratio of 6: 1.


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Millet porridge with green peas and mushrooms

millet 250 g
green peas (fresh or frozen) 250 g
champignons 100 g
white mushrooms 100 g
onion 1 pc.
coconut cream 130 ml
lemon peel 1 pc.
thyme sprigs 4 pcs.
olive oil (grow) oil 3 tbsp.
salt pepper

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