Yoga and meditation reduce inflammation in the body

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Studies have shown that asanas and deep breathing can slow down and stop the inflammatory processes in the body.

During the study, British scientists analyzed 18 scientific papers on the effects of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises on human health. Almost 900 people took part in them. The researchers concluded that exercise, during which consciousness works, suppresses the manifestations of genes responsible for inflammation in the body.

“Inflammation can temporarily activate the immune system and thus protect against infections. But in the modern world, constant stress causes chronic inflammation in the human body, ”the researchers are sure.

The environment and lifestyle can influence which genes “turn on” and “turn off” in the human body every second and affect the risk of disease and longevity. Stress events can activate the chain reaction of stress changes in the body, including the activation of specific genes involved in the creation of proteins that cause inflammation. Researchers have found that people who regularly practice yoga and meditation have fewer signs of inflammation since the production of these most inflammatory proteins is reduced in their bodies. This reduces the risk of diseases associated with inflammation.


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  1. The older I get and the less active I have become, because of “this, that, and the other” life situations that occur, the more I notice I can’t move a easily as I would like to. I keep meaning to start up something like yoga. This was good to read about.

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