5 Habits that help to prevent breast cancer

Quit smoking

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Smoking is usually associated with lung cancer, but some doctors believe that carcinogens in cigarettes may increase the risk of developing other cancers, including breast cancer. A 2017 study found that risk is particularly high in people who started smoking at an early age. This is due to the fact that cigarettes affect hormones during puberty.

Eat lots of fiber

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Doctors from Boston conducted a study in which 90 thousand women were questioned about their diet. As a result, it turned out that women who ate three servings of fruits and vegetables daily had a 25% lower risk of developing breast cancer than respondents who admitted that they ate a little high-fiber diet. Do not forget to add broccoli to the diet – it contains flavonoids that help to avoid the appearance of metastases.

Reduce the amount of alcohol

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Experts believe that alcohol can raise the level of estrogen to a critical, and this, in turn, provokes the occurrence of cancer. Alcohol can also have a negative effect on the mammary gland cells, causing their abnormal changes. American doctors advise consuming no more than one alcoholic drink per day – 150 milliliters of wine, 350 milliliters of beer, or 50 milliliters of strong liqueur. They claim that two or three alcoholic drinks increase the risk of developing breast cancer by 20%. However, there are other statistics. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted research for 30 years and found that even one alcoholic drink per day increases the risk of cancer by 13%. Hence the recommendation to reduce the amount of alcohol to a minimum.

Go in for sports

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Many studies suggest that physical activity is useful for the prevention of breast cancer. The American Cancer Society advises to engage in at least 150 minutes a week – it is better to alternate intensive workouts with moderate activity. Doctors advise not to do everything at once but to distribute the load during the week. It is necessary to monitor your weight. According to a study conducted in the United States, overweight or obesity can provoke the occurrence of breast cancer – the risk reaches 40%.

Think carefully before agreeing to hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy is often offered to women in order to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, increased sweating, and fatigue. However, doctors believe that the combination of estrogen and progesterone, which takes a postmenopausal woman, may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The decision, of course, should be taken along with the doctor – perhaps he will offer short-term hormone therapy (with minimal doses) or talk about other options.


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