Meat snail


Ground-meat ( I have chicken breast meat)- 500 g


Tomato sauce- 1 tbsp

Spices to your taste


Corn flatbread- 2 pieces


Egg– 1 piece

Sour cream- 2 tbsp

  1. Fry ground meat with onions and spices.
  2. Add tomato sauce and mix everything together.
  3. When meat is ready, put on the flatbread and roll it to the snail shape.
  4. Put into the baking form on the sides and do it with the second flat beard, put it at the middle.
  5. Mix egg with sour cream, add some spices, and pour to the top of the snail- roll.
  6. Bake till the top will not be sticky (it is about 20 minutes)

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