Cooking time: 20 minutes

8 servings


For savoyard cookies: ⠀

Chicken Egg – 180 g 3 pcs

Rice flour – 85 g

Corn starch – 20 g

Erythritol – 3 tbsp. or cane sugar

Baking Powder – 7g 1 tsp



For cream:

Cottage cheese – 400g soft 4%

Ricotta – 200 g

Sweetener to taste

Vanilla – 2 g

Cocoa powder to taste (sprinkle on top)


Coffee – 250g strong

Strong alcohol to taste

Sweetener according to taste

For savoyard cookies: ⠀

Squirrels whip with a pinch of salt and sweetener to strong peaks. Add dry ingredients, then add yolks slightly. Bake with a cake ~ 0.5 mm, at 180 ° ~ 20 min. ⠀ Cool, cut into cookies.

For cream:

All well whipped in a blender: soft cottage cheese, ricotta, sweetener to taste and vanilla.


The form is covered with cling film. Letters dipped in coffee with alcohol (to taste), spread with the cake with alternate cream. ⠀

Leave overnight. In the morning, carefully remove from the form (that’s why you need a film). Sprinkle cocoa. Make coffee, and enjoy the most delicate dessert

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