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The snack in the traditional sense is a light snack between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. If necessary, it will allow quenching the approaching feeling of hunger, which means that for dinner you will not be so hungry, and the eaten portion will be several times smaller.

As a snack, you can use dairy products, fruit salads, and cereals. But the most delicious and useful option for snacks is smoothies! They combine the vitamin complex of fresh berries and fruits and healthy trace elements, and the airy consistency allows them to be absorbed quickly and easily. Delicious recipes with proper nutrition with a photo will help you choose the option of an afternoon snack you like and prepare it without the slightest difficulty.

Strawberry Smoothie with Sweet Cherry

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A light berry drink with juicy strawberries and cherries will help to quench not only thirst but also hunger – despite the fact that the calorie content of 1 cup of smoothie is only 68 kcal, fruit acids contribute to rapid saturation, which means that the time until dinner will not be overshadowed by thoughts about food.

To make a berry smoothie for the whole family, you will need:

200 grams of strawberries;

150 grams of sweet cherries;

1 glass of milk;

a pinch of vanilla.

It is better to choose darker fruits of sweet cherry – they are sweeter and juicier. If the berries are too watery, you can sweeten the smoothies with fructose.

Mix stoned sweet cherry mix with strawberries, put in a blender cup, and pour over chilled milk. Beat the cocktail well, then add vanilla and repeat the beating. Pour into 4 cups (that is how many servings you get at the exit) and serve until the smoothie has not had time to warm up and settle down.

Tropical Smoothie With Mint

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Due to the nutritional properties of a banana, a tropical smoothie will turn out to be quite satisfying, however, grapefruit, which activates digestion, will not allow calories to turn into extra pounds.

Ingredients Required:

1 orange;

half red grapefruit;

1 banana;


sprig of mint.

Citrus fruit sends in a juicer or squeeze fresh manually. Cut the bananas into slices, put them in a blender cup, cover them with juice, and whisk them. If you wish, you can add a few ice cubes. Serve a cocktail by decorating it with a sprig of mint – firstly, it will give your afternoon tea an attractive and appetizing look, and secondly, subtle notes of mint will increase salivation before eating, which means that the digestion process will be more active.

Sesame Milk with Dried Fruit

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Not everyone knows that milk can be non-dairy! For example, sesame. Sesame is a unique source of minerals, which, moreover, is very easily digested.

List of products:

½ cup sesame;

½ liter of water;

2 tablespoons of honey;

raisins, dried apricots (to taste).

Mash sesame in a mortar, place the resulting gruel in the bowl of the blender, add the dried fruits, cover with water and beat until the drink turns into a pronounced white color.

Add honey and dried fruits to sesame water and repeat the beating.

Strain the cocktail through a gauze napkin, pour into a carafe, and refrigerate for 15–20 minutes to cool the milk.

Sesame milk does not spoil in the cold for 1-2 days. Such an afternoon snack will be extremely tasty and healthy.

When choosing what to cook for dinner, it is necessary to take into account that in the evening it is better to eat foods that are easily digested and quickly absorbed. Therefore, the focus should be shifted towards products rich in vegetable proteins.

Rational and proper nutrition means cooking by boiling, stewing, steaming. Fried and smoked food is not recommended because it is harder and longer digested, contributes to the increase in cholesterol and blood pressure. At dinner, fried and smoked products are strictly prohibited – at night the body, including the digestive tract, should rest.

Dietary cutlets “Kapustnik”

Cabbage cutlets can be served as the main part of the menu or in addition to any of the side dishes that will be to your liking. They turn out appetizing and juicy, besides do not load the gastrointestinal tract in the evening.


1 kg of fresh cabbage;

½ cup semolina;

a bunch of parsley or dill;

1 tablespoon vegetable oil;


spices to taste.

Chop cabbage into strips, add spices, chopped parsley, and stew for 20-30 minutes.

When the stewed cabbage is cool, mix it with semolina.

Blind small oval cutlets from cabbage “mincemeat” and roll them in breadcrumbs.

Lubricate the pan with oil, lay cabbage patties in an even manner and leave to simmer for 7-10 minutes.

After that, turn the patties and repeat the procedure.

Like any dish of cabbage, these burgers are in perfect harmony with any creamy or creamy sauce that is on hand.

Vegetable salad “Summer” with avocado

It turns out that in order to prepare a hearty and versatile dinner for the whole family, it is not at all necessary even to approach the stove. In addition, fresh vegetables that are not heat-treated are more useful – they contain natural vitamins and minerals that partially decompose at high temperatures. And avocado will add healthy fats to this salad, which improves the absorbability of vitamins derived from vegetables.


1 avocado;

half bell pepper;

2 tomatoes;

a few leaves of coral salad;

1-2 tablespoons of corn;

olive oil and lemon-fresh dressing.

Well-washed and peeled vegetables cut into small cubes, place in a bowl and mix with lettuce leaves. By the way, it is considered that it is better not to cut the coral salad, but to tear it with your hands – this way it will preserve juiciness and taste. Add corn and season the salad with a little olive oil. Before serving, sprinkle the dish with lemon juice to give it a piquant sourness.

If you wish, you can experiment a little: for example, replace the corn with sesame seeds or pine nuts, add your favorite herbs and greens. Fantasy will help to diversify the healthy menu, and you will have a new signature dish.

Buckwheat Croquettes with Pumpkin

The beneficial properties of buckwheat are known from time immemorial, and in combination with pumpkin, it becomes a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. Soft and juicy balls from these products will successfully complement the dinner menu.

You will need:

200 grams of buckwheat;

1 ½ glasses of water;

150 g pumpkin;



The way to make a proper buckwheat dinner:

Boil buckwheat until tender, to make a crumbly porridge.

Grind a soft and juicy pumpkin in a blender or skip several times through a meat grinder.

Combine cooled buckwheat porridge with pumpkin puree and add herbs and spices to taste.

Roll the pumpkin-buckwheat porridge into small balls, roll them in breadcrumbs and place them neatly on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil.

Bake buckwheat croquettes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes, then let them cool slightly.


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