Blueberry and Raspberry Couscous

2 servings/0 h. 5 min. of preparation/0 h. 10 min. of cooking time/130 Kcal/100 g



Couscous – 1 cup

Blueberries ground with sugar – 1 tbsp.

raspberry (fresh) – to taste

blueberry (fresh) – to taste

butter – to taste

salt, honey – to taste

Cooking method:

1. For this quick lunch, you don’t need much time, but you need couscous, jam, and fresh berries (any), I still had a peach, but at the time of cooking, I safely forgot about it.

2. To boil the couscous, boil two times more water than the couscous itself. I had 1 cup of couscous, then you need to boil 2 glasses of water. Water can be salted;

3. Cook couscous for just a minute, while constantly stirring it. Then remove the couscous from the heat and add the butter, I added creamily;

4. Add honey to the cereal, blueberries, and sugar (there was little sugar in the blueberries, and I had to add honey). Decorate with berries and can be served!


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