Pasha with saffron


1 cup peeled unsalted pistachios

cottage cheese – 2 kg

9 egg yolks

300 g butter

2 cups peeled almonds

0.5 glasses of brandy

5 tbsp. sour cream 30%


10 stamens of saffron

1 cup golden raisins

1 cup of candied fruit

1 cup dark raisins

Cooking method:

Put a colander into a deep dish, lay several layers of gauze in it, put the cottage cheese, cover with the edges of the gauze, and put pressure of at least 5 kg. Leave on for 10–12 hours, from time to time draining the resulting serum. Squeezed cottage cheese rubbed through a fine sieve. Raisins and candied fruits pour brandy and leave for 1-2 hours. Beat the butter, gradually adding sweetener. When it becomes white, without interrupting, add one yolk one by one. Just mix sour cream. Mix a lot with cottage cheese. Chop nuts and put in cottage cheese; add pistachios and pressed raisins with candied fruits, leaving little for decoration. Grind saffron into powder and pour into Pasha. Mix everything thoroughly. In a deep and narrow bowl lay gauze and layout the mix, not crushing it. Cover with the edges of the gauze and food plastic put in the refrigerator. 1–2 hours before serving, remove from the refrigerator, open, and turn into a dish. Remove gauze, decorate Pasha with candied fruit and almonds.


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