Honey Curd pasha with lemon and dates


1.5 kg of cottage cheese with fat content of 18% and more

1.5–2 glasses of sweet or other thick honey

200–250 g of butter

100 grams of roasted almonds

150–200 g of natural dried dates

2 large lemons

3 tbsp. dark rum or strong black tea, if desired

1. Cover a colander with a kitchen towel or gauze folded in several layers. Put the cottage cheese there, cover with the hanging edges of the gauze, put the colander in a larger container. Place a plate on top of the gauze, and a weight of 2-3 kg on it. Leave at least 4 hours to drain excess liquid.

2. Prepare dates at the same time: if they have flaky skin, remove it. Cut the dates into small pieces.

3. Brush lemons with a brush, remove the zest with a fine grater, squeeze the juice. Pour the dates with lemon juice mixed with rum, if used, or with tea. Sprinkle with the peel, mix thoroughly, tighten with a foil and put in the fridge at the same time as the curd is under pressure.

4. Soften the oil at room temperature. If the honey is very thick, warm it a little in a water bath – just to make it flowable.

5. Chop a piece of almond rather finely, a part – bigger. Squeezed curd wipe through a sieve. Mixer whisk butter with honey in a lush foam. Gradually mix with cottage cheese. Add to the curd mass dates with zest and almonds.

6. Cover a pasochnice or a deep bowl with one layer of cheesecloth, spread the curd mass, press it with a spoon. Close the bottom and put the easter in the fridge for 1-3 days. Before serving, turn the dish over and carefully remove the bowl and gauze.

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