Easter bread “Red velvet” without yeast and eggs

Per 100g: 252 kcal /6 proteins /5 fats /46 carbs (the bread itself)

Per 100g: 267 kcal /6 proteins /6 fats /48 carbs (bread with icing and cranberries)

We will need:

For the bread:

raw beetroot small 2 pcs

raw carrots medium size 1 pc

white chocolate 50g

water 50 ml

18% homemade cottage cheese 100g

whole wheat flour, but I will not tell you the proportion

vanilla extract (optional)

dried cranberries 100g

To decorate

white chocolate 40g

dried cranberries 20g


  1. Clean the beets and carrots, rub them on a fine grater, squeeze juice through gauze (you need 100 ml of beetroot and 50 ml of carrot juice)
  2. Melt white chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave (let cool)
  3. In a blender pour the juice of beets, carrots, water, add cottage cheese, melted chocolate and flour, vanilla sugar, blend it, add the cranberries and mix in a blender at low speed
  4. Spread the dough in shape, I got 4 small (molds with a diameter of 6 cm, height 7 cm)
  5. Put in preheated to 160 C oven for 40 minutes
  6. Get bread, give completely cool and decorate, if desired, with melted chocolate and cranberries

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