Month: May 2019

Pizza on the basis of cauliflower

INGREDIENTSCheese 200 gCauliflower 300 gChicken egg 1 pieceTomato paste 70 gSalt to tasteOregano to tasteBell pepper 40 g Onion 15g Chicken breast 

Delicious pumpkin, 7 pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin is a very nutritious fruit (oddly enough, pumpkin is not a vegetable), rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. In addition, low-calorie foods contain a lot of beta-carotene and potassium. Previously, pumpkins were used to remove freckles and treat snake bites, as well as to celebrate Halloween, cooking pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. But now …

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Delicious recipes for dessert

The stereotype that everything tasty is harmful has long been dispelled thanks to unique and indescribably tasty desserts made from healthy products only. Therefore, sweets are now available even to those who strictly follow the health. True, you shouldn’t abuse it – although the healthy desserts are digested quite quickly, they contain enough calories. In …

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Simple recipes for lunch

In the middle of the day, the body begins to require additional calories to restore strength and efficiency. Do not deny him this, because a rational and reasonable feeling of hunger is a serious “bell” that energy resources are running out. Composing the menu for lunch, you do not need to calculate calories too carefully, …

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Healthy breakfast recipes

Familiar from childhood saying “Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy” has a completely logical and competent medical justification. Food, which nutritionists recommend to use in the morning, should be light and at the same time nutritious in order to awaken the metabolism from a night’s sleep, to …

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5 basic rules of baked apples + 4 simple recipes

How to bake apples in order to preserve their useful properties and get a delicious delicacy? Apples baked in the oven with various fillings – a traditional autumn dessert. In addition, apples are very useful for the body, and in baked form, they become even more useful because they are absorbed much better by the …

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Raspberry – useful properties, composition, contraindications

The useful properties of raspberries are intuitively clear to everyone, otherwise, there would not be a jar of raspberry jam in every house in case of a cold. But are we using all the possibilities of a wonderful berry? After all, raspberry is a real gift of nature, deserving to know more about its merits.