Cheesecake from juice and grain granat with cocoa and dates.

This cheesecake can not be called a diet, because almonds, cashews, honey – foods are high in calories, but this is one of the most useful desserts you can imagine. There is no sugar, flour, baking powder, butter, cream, fat cream – in general, all the ingredients that are usually in the purchase or restaurant sweets. It is prepared only from natural ingredients and very quickly, much easier than most complex cakes and pastries.


For the cake:

Almond – 400 g

Raw cocoa beans – 60 g

Dates – 200 g

Vanilla – 1 pod

Salt – 2 g

Water – 100 ml

For cream:

Cashew – 300 g

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp.

Ground vanilla – 1 pinch

Honey – 70 g

Olive oil – 2 tbsp.

Pomegranate seeds – 250 g

Pomegranate juice – 100 ml

Agar-Agar – 20 gCooking method:To make the almond cake, soak overnight with a vanilla pod. In the morning, drain the water and blend the almonds with all the other ingredients. Put the resulting mass in the form for the cake.

For cream: add agar-agar to 70 ml of water, put on a small fire, stirring until completely dissolved, but do not boil. All ingredients, except pomegranate seeds, blend, add dissolved agar-agar and mix. In the resulting cream, mix in whole grains of pomegranate and place in a cake mold on top of the cake. Send to the refrigerator and cool (at least one hour).

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