Cake “Lychee Rose”


Milk – 75 g

Cream 33% – 150 g

White chocolate without sugar – 50 g

Gelatin – 5 g

Rosewater – 5 g

Lychee – 200 g

Raspberry – 60 g

Dates – 50 g

Almond flour – 50 g

Dried Cranberries – 50 g

Lemon juice – 10 g

Cooking method:

  1. First, make chocolate mousse. In the milk warmed to 75 degrees, enter the gelatin soaked for 10 minutes and the white chocolate without sugar and mix. Whisk the cream until thick foam and add to the chocolate mass. Add rose water to the mixture.

2. Filling. Clean the lychee of seeds, cut them into cubes. Heat raspberries to a boil, blend until homogeneous with a blender, and strain from the seed. Add to raspberry puree lychee and citric acid. Pour into small molds (can be in the usual form for ice) and freeze.

3. For the cake on which the cake will stick, mix almond flour, dried cranberries, and stoned dates, whipped in a blender until smooth. Thinly roll out on parchment and allow to dry.

4. Pour the chocolate mousse in half into the cake pan, place the lychee compote cube frozen, pour the second half of the chocolate mass, and put the cake on top. Cool the cake in the form for 4 hours, then remove it and, if desired, apply the crimson velour.


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