Vegan Chocolate Balls


30 g chia seeds

30 g peeled pumpkin seeds

30 g of peeled sunflower seeds

10 g almond

40 g nut paste

30 g sesame seeds

170 g dark chocolate

40 g of muesli (any mixture of nuts, seeds and dried fruit)

1. Almonds are soaked in cold water overnight, then water is drained, the almonds are peeled, dried in the oven, then ground together with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and mixed with nut paste (praline) and muesli.

2. Cooked pasta is cooled for the convenience of further forming candies.

3. Formed candies in the form of balls of 30-33 g, spread on a chopping board and pour black chocolate melted in a microwave or water bath, then sprinkled with a mixture of chia, sesame and sunflower seeds.

4. A blackboard with chocolate balls is placed in the fridge until the chocolate is completely cured.


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