Top best triceps exercises to perform in the gym

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Everyone who regularly visits the gym wants to have beautiful and pumped-up arms. And for this you need to take care not only of big-biceps but also to work efficiently on triceps – today’s article will be devoted to this muscle.

Triceps – is the triceps muscle of the shoulder, located on the backside. In size and weight, it is 1.5 times larger than the flexor arm. The relief and large triceps muscle of the shoulder visually increase the arm and give it a beautiful and aesthetic look. In this article, I will analyze in detail the best triceps exercises in the gym, tell you how to perform them correctly, and draw up a training program for you.


The extensor of the shoulder consists of three beams or heads:

  • The lateral or external head is mounted on the back of the shoulder and is the most prominent part of the triceps.
  • The medial or middle head of the triceps muscle is located midway between the external and internal bundle and is mounted on the backside of the shoulder above the medial head.
  • The long or inner head of the muscle is attached to the shoulder blade, this part of the muscle is involved not only in the extension of the arm but also in leading the shoulder to the body.

All three bundles of triceps muscle are connected in one tendon, which is attached to the elbow joint.

The main functions of the triceps:

  • Arm extension in the elbow joint.
  • Lead back shoulder.
  • Stabilization of the shoulder and forearm.

Contraindications for training

I do not recommend training the triceps if during exercise there is a pain in the elbows or shoulders. It is impossible to work with burdens with arthritis, arthrosis, and osteoporosis of the elbow and shoulder joints.

Care should be taken when practicing osteochondrosis, curvature, hernias, and pains in the spine. With these diseases, it is necessary to completely eliminate the increase of burdens or stand on the bench.

It is necessary to cancel training at elevated body temperature, cough, runny nose, and the presence of other signs of a cold, including general weakness or indisposition.

Basic exercises for the triceps

Basic exercises are called, in which more than one muscle group is involved. With the help of basic movements, one can effectively mass and increase strength.

The best base in bodybuilding to work out the triceps are:

  1. Barbell bench press lying narrow grip. This basic movement involves the triceps, chest, and shoulder girdle. It is important to know – the narrower grip – the stronger the triceps muscle is loaded and the load on the chest decreases.

To accentuate the work of the triceps, I recommend taking a griffin shoulder-width apart. You should not take the bar too narrowly, so you can not perform this movement with a large weight. In order to maximize the use of the three-headed muscle, make sure that the arms, while lifting the projectile, move along the body (they are closer to the body). Be sure to fully extend your arms at the top.

2. Pushups. All recommendations for the previous exercise apply to push-ups from the floor. If you can not regularly visit the gym, classes with their own weight can be a good alternative. Push-ups from the floor perfectly work out the triceps, the pectoral muscles, and the abs. If it is hard for you to lie down on a bench press, try push-ups from the floor, first of all, this is actual for women and girls.

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3. Push-ups on the uneven bars. Effective exercise for a set of mass are push-ups on the bars. Features of this movement for maximum inclusion of the triceps:

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  • Hold the case vertically.
  • If possible, practice on narrow bars.
  • Do not move your hands to the sides – they should move along the body.

If the elbows will go to the side – most of the load will take over the pectoral muscles. The same will happen when the upper body is tilted forward, to avoid this, look ahead and slightly up.

4. Push-ups from the bench, behind the back. If it is hard for you to practice on the uneven bars, start with push-ups behind the back. This will help strengthen the muscles and ligaments and eventually move to work on the uneven bars. This is a good choice for:

Image by Andrej Podobedov from Pixabay
  • Beginners.
  • Girls and women.
  • Those who do not have the opportunity to engage in sports halls.

If push-ups are too light for you, put one or two ten-kilogram plates on your thighs.

  • Exercise for the shoulders – stand barbell also effectively work out the triceps. It can be used as a base when building a training complex.

Isolation exercises

Effective isolating movements for arm extensors, performed by the burdens:

  • French bench press. First of all, directed to the development of a long triceps bundle. Take the bar, lie on the bench, and lift the shell above your head. To start the execution bend your arms in the elbows, lowering the head. Stop the bar a few centimeters above your forehead and then lift it up.
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Please note that when the French press is correctly executed, the press is strictly in one place.

  • Exercise can be done standing. In the initial position, heading overhead – lower the burden for the head and lift it, straightening the arms completely.
  • Lifting dumbbells from behind the head. An exercise similar to the French bench press, performed with one hand, is made sitting uprightly.
  • Arm extension dumbbell on the slope. In this movement, all three beams of the shoulder extensor are actively involved. To do this, take a dumbbell, bend at the waist, and, with the opposite hand and foot resting on a horizontal bench, lift and lower the dumbbell, bending and straightening the arm at the elbow joint. In the process of work, be sure to keep your back straight.

The best isolating exercises for machines:

  • Straightening the arms on the upper block while standing. The movement is great for working out the external and middle triceps bundles. Grasp the tattered handles of the upper unit with the direct grip of the shoulders a little wider. Elbows tightly against the body. While straightening your arms, pull the machine handle down, then return to the starting position smoothly. Suitable for beginners, girls, and women, and for experienced athletes.
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  • The thrust of the lower block of the head. It is performed as a French bench press, but here, together with the strings, we pull the handle of the machine, which makes the workout safer, because at any moment you can throw the handle.
  • Straightening the arms on the lower block in the slope. Movement repeats the rise of the dumbbell in the slope. With any variation of it or with two dumbbell bets supporting it with a bench, or without support, or while exercising on a machine, keep your back straight, or else there is a danger of damaging the spine. Well suited for beginners, and help to make a variety in the process of training.

An example of a training complex for triceps

Week 1

  • Barbell bench press lying narrow grip 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  • Lifting dumbbells from behind the head 3 sets of 10-14 repetitions.
  • The extension of the arms on the upper block of the 3 approaches for 10-14 repetitions.

2 week

  • Push-ups on the bars 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  • French bench press on 3 sets of 10-14 reps.
  • Straightening the arms on the lower block in the slope of 3 to 10-14 repetitions.

Exercise Tips

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

It is enough to work out the triceps once a week, but not on the day of chest training, because after training the chest, the triceps muscle gets very tired, because of this, it will not work out qualitatively. Well suited to practice the day when you do the complex exercises for the shoulders. You can work with this muscle group after your back workout.

It is allowed to train biceps and triceps at the same time. For example, after the French press stands up immediately, without rest, proceed to lift the biceps and, after working through both groups of muscles, we rest.

Pick up the weight of the projectile so that you can do no more than 14 repetitions in the first approach, this will allow a more efficient selection of the muscular mass. If you recently started attending a gym, do two approaches in the first workout. If you have made 3 sets and are not tired, this means either the wrong weight is selected, or you are not training at full strength.

Do not do more than three different triceps exercises per workout. Try to work hard on each approach, it is much more important.


Be sure to do 1-2 warm-up approaches before starting to perform each new movement. It is necessary that the muscles and tendons are warmed up, stretched, and ready for a specific movement with a working weight. If you do not warm up beforehand, you can get injured and permanently fall out of the training process.

For insulating exercises, one warm-up approach with a weight that is half the size of the worker is sufficient. For the basic ones performed at the beginning of a workout, two warm-up approaches can be done, in the first using 1/3 of the working weight and in the second with 2/3 of the working weight. 8-10 reps are enough for warming up.

Common mistakes

Beginners are often in a hurry and try to quickly build up the burden. Because of too large weights, they begin to do the exercise incorrectly, helping the triceps to cope with the load and connecting large muscles of the chest and back to the process. Remember the quality is more important than large weights.

Try to ensure that during a workout, you perform movement only due to the muscles of the arms. Your sweeps should always be in the same position.

When doing presses and push-ups on the uneven bars try to keep your hands closer to the body, do not separate them from the sides. Remember, when working with stretching or keeping your back straight, this is the basic rule of bodybuilding training.




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