How to make the perfect shoulders using barbell- upright row?

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For the formation of the shape of the shoulders responsible deltoid muscles. Often, the front delta beams are far ahead in their development of the middle and rear beams. It does not look quite beautiful, giving the shoulders a stooped look.

The broach rod allows you to uniformly pump every zone and eliminate imbalance.

What is this exercise?

This is a basic exercise for pumping deltas, as well as to increase the relief of deltas and trapezes. The chin combines two exercises at once: shrugs, plus swinging dumbbells.

Broad shoulders are a symbol of courage, so broaching is more suitable for men.

Women should train with dumbbells and exercise equipment so that their shoulders are less hypertrophied. The exceptions are women involved in strength training.

For beginners in fitness, an exercise that fits larger muscle groups is better: back, chest and legs. Downloading the delta is still a bit early.

What muscles work?

The main load is perceived as the front, middle, and rear delta beams. When the projectile reaches the top position, a trapezoid is included in the work. Biceps and forearms are involved in the retention of the load. The extensors of the spine and the abs help to fix the torso in an upright position.

The benefits and harms exercise

Stretching with a barbell allows you to purposefully pump each delta beam, which is especially important when bodybuilding. The best exercise for the formation of wide and bulky shoulders.

However, if done incorrectly, the rotational cuffs of the shoulders can be easily injured.


Implementation of the broach is contraindicated in diseases of the shoulder joints.

The correct technique of execution and types of exercises

Broach can be performed with different widths of grip. The narrow grip loads the trapezoids and biceps more, and the wide grip – the middle and rear deltas.

When performing a narrow grip, it is desirable to use a barbell with a curved fingerboard. So you remove the excess load from the forearms and wrists, which will make the exercise more comfortable and safer, and also allow you to take more weight.

When performing the exercise, keep your back straight and your lower back slightly arched. The pelvis moves back. Feet shoulder-width apart. Looking forward. In the lower position, the arms are straightened, and the neck touches the front of the thighs. At the same time, try to keep the brushes on the entire trajectory in line with the forearms, otherwise, you may get injured. If you feel that the brushes in the upper position are strongly bent, reduce the height of the lifting rod.

Thrust wide grip

  1. The arms are 1.5–2 times wider than the shoulders and hold the neck with a direct grip.

2. On the exhale, pull the projectile up. The neck rises along the body to the middle of the chest, elbows look to the sides and in the upper position are at shoulder level.

3. While inhaling, gently lower the projectile down.

Thrust narrow grip

  1. Grasp the neck grip on top. Between the palms about 12-18 centimeters.

2. As you exhale, pull the bar up. Elbows moving to the sides. In the upper position, the elbows are above the shoulders, and the neck is at the level of the clavicles or slightly higher.

3. Now lower the bar to the starting position.

4. Similarly, do any remaining repetitions. Work smoothly, without jerks.

5. The barbell can be replaced with a lower block or dumbbells. The technique of performance remains the same, but the harm to the shoulders is reduced.

Training example

Before performing strength exercises, you should carefully stretch your joints, making circular movements with your hands.

At home

  • Dumbbell bench sitting – 3 to 11 repetitions.
  • Broach – 3 sets of 11 each.
  • Breeding dumbbells in the slope – 3 to 11.

In the gym

  • Army press – 3 sets of 11 repetitions.
  • Broach – 3 sets of 11 each.
  • Breeding hands on the upper block of the crossover – 3 to 11.

In conclusion, do stretching and breathing exercises.

Training Tips


If there is discomfort in your hands, use bandages or wristbands. The weightlifting belt ensures the lower back when mistakes are made in the exercise technique.

Gloves protect your hands from calluses.

Also, with a weak grip, you can use the straps to hold the bar so that it does not accidentally slip out of your hands.

Approaches and repetitions

If you want to increase the power performance, do 5-7 repetitions. When working on mass 7-11. To increase muscle relief, as well as to lose extra pounds of 11-20 repetitions. The number of approaches is 3-4.

Bar weight

Pick up your working weight so that you can do all the reps in the approach without violating the exercise technique. For beginners to master this exercise, I recommend taking the burden, with which you can do at least 12 repetitions. Do not chase for more weight, as the exercise is quite traumatic.

Nutrition and sports supplements

For muscle growth, you need a sufficient amount of protein. Therefore, half an hour before a workout, drink a protein shake. You also need to drink 2-3 liters of water per day.

In sports, the body needs more vitamins and minerals. They can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, and special vitamin-mineral complexes.

Common mistakes

Do not make the following mistakes:

  • Do not hunch over the neck and do not lower your chin to it.
  • Do not make sudden movements, because can be injured.
  • Do not rock the body. Keep the case still.
  • Do not extend your elbows to the end.
  • Do not move the neck far from the body, otherwise overload the lower back and reduce the effectiveness of the exercises on the delta.


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