7 Easy Ways to Avoid Depression

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According to the World Health Organization, every tenth person on earth suffers from depression. Last year, these counted 615 million. In fact, this is an epidemic – which means that we need to urgently look for ways to prevent it. And it is desirable, fast, inexpensive, and simple – so as not to fall into depression even on this occasion.

1. Regularly walk in the park or in the forest

Recently, scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia) shocked the public with a discovery – just a 30-minute walk once a week can reduce the risk of depression by 7%.

IMPORTANT: you must always walk in the park or in the woods: jogging to the subway for a walk is not considered. Half an hour a week is, of course, at least, nobody forbids walking more.

2. Fall in love and have sex with loved ones

In that order, and not vice versa. British scientists as a result of numerous studies have found out exactly where is located in the brain department responsible for the feeling of love. When we fly on the wings of love, a huge amount of dopamine, one of the hormones of happiness, is produced in this zone. Against this background, depressive states simply have nowhere to develop. And if passionate feeling leads to the intima, even better: physical exertion and hormone spills also leave no chance for oppressive feelings.

IMPORTANT: sex without love is not considered a “cure for depression,” rather, on the contrary, it can be its provocateur.

3. Allow yourself to eat what you want. But without fanaticism!

As American scientists found out (studies were conducted in California, Chicago, and Texas), diets are harmful to people’s mental health. Very often, it is precisely the restrictions on food that provoke people who lose weight to be despondent, longing, and the desire to kill someone. How did this prove? Very simple: first, volunteer girls were allowed to enjoy their favorite dishes, and then offered to choose a movie. Almost everyone chose to view light romantic comedies. At the next stage, women were put on a strict diet, and then again invited to the cinema. There was a different choice – horror and thrillers. When they tried to find out the reason, they found out that 90% of those who are forced to lose weight are sure that the kilograms will come back again. This thought alone can take all the joy of life.

IMPORTANT: even if you go on a rigid diet, do not deprive yourself of rye bread. No wonder it says that he is all over the head. Recently, scientists from the University of Sydney tried to deprive the experimental bread and faced such consequences as mental disorders, reduced immunity, and even more serious diseases. Two pieces a day – you can consider it a cure for depression.

4. Finally, cross out your “ex” boyfriends and girlfriends.

Experts are sure: not so much the social networks themselves have a negative impact on our emotional state, as our wrong behavior in them. For example, posting a food photo is correct, it makes many Instagram users happy. But tracking in the social networks of his “former” (where is he now, to whom does he like?) Is a completely wrong policy. Divorced or split up? Immediately frank eksa. No, completely free yourself and never go to his page again! Otherwise, it will lead to depression in the shortest possible time. At least the experience of 464 volunteers who participated in the study of the University of Brunel (UK) confirms this.

IMPORTANT: and do not be friends with the “former.” To part as friends is to part, otherwise, the matter will not end with a single depression, when a friend who has once-beloved now finds a new love for himself.

5. Get at least one real friend.

Over the course of a year, Canadian scientists watched over 2,500 people suffering from depression – and found that if the unfortunates had at least one friend during this period who could have cried in the waistcoat, they recovered much faster. Emotional support for loved ones works wonders.

IMPORTANT: well, if the reason for your sadness lies precisely in the fact that you find it difficult to get on with people, get a dog. As recently proved by Australian scientists, the hearts of pets adjust their rhythm to the heartbeat of the owner. And this is a great sedative in case of almost any adversity. Not to mention the fact that the dog should be walked, and this brings us back to point one – “Walk in the park regularly.”

6. Decide to move to the village

Scientists from the United States recently clearly demonstrated that psychological problems are much more common in urban residents than in villages. To do this, the researchers walked through hospitals, compared records in 6,000 medical records, and found out: citizens more often suffer from mental problems than residents of the province. Too fast rhythm of life, forcing to always rush, emotional stress, leading to stress – depression is only one of the problems, and there are more serious – heart attacks, allergies, metabolic disorders, schizophrenia. In the villages, there live many more leisurely and cheerful people.

IMPORTANT: Children suffer the most from urbanization. Therefore, to move at least for the winter holidays to the countryside with a small child was a very sensible idea. Yes, and for adults, fresh air and communication with pets will be better than any anti-depressant.

7. Long live the sun!

In order to get a daily dose of vitamin D, the main, according to Australian scientists, vitamin in our body. need to get out of dusk and shadow. It is his deficit that causes many mental disorders: depression, anxiety, causeless melancholy, etc.

IMPORTANT: It is difficult for residents of the northern regions to get vitamin D only from sunbathing. Therefore, you need to include in the diet of sea fish fatty varieties, milk, chicken eggs – foods that are “sun vitamin” contains the most.



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  1. Fantastic post and great tips, Nadiia, there is so much we can do to look after ourselves and it doesn’t have to involve spending money, just a simple walk in a park can boost our mood and make us feel better 😀😀😀

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