Milk-based homemade cosmetic recipes

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I guess everybody understands that our health depends on us. Not only do our inner organs need care, but skin too.

On the basis of milk, you can create homemade masks, tightening wraps, and even scrubs.

Any article about milk can start with a truism: “It’s no secret that milk contains a large number of various vitamins and microelements, and in combination with nutritional value this makes it a necessary product for a person’s daily diet.” And then add: and a wonderful cosmetic! On the basis of milk, you can create homemade masks, tightening wraps, and even scrubs!

Rejuvenating Milk-Curd Mask

How to cook.

For it, liquid, rather than crystallized, honey, cottage cheese, milk, and vegetable oil are mixed in the same proportions. After this tool can be applied to the face, trying not to affect the delicate area around the eyes. After 10-12 minutes, the mask is washed off, and the skin is gently and gently rinsed with cool or lukewarm water.

As a result, the epidermis becomes soft to the touch, and fine wrinkles are made less noticeable. To consolidate such a result, a milk-curd mask should be made a course of two months, twice a day. The tool is contraindicated for people with allergies to honey and with such a lack of skin, like rosacea, but in this case, the component can be excluded from the composition.

Yogurt Hand Cream

Hands and nails need nutrition and protection not less than the face: the skin there is very thin, it is one of the first to give true age. To preserve the beauty of the palms, it is sometimes worthwhile to please them with a special cream.

How to cook.

For its preparation combine 4 spoons of yogurt, and natural, without dyes, 10 grams of lemon juice, and a spoonful of milk. Now the resulting mixture can be rubbed into the skin of the hands and nail plate. After some time, the agent must be washed off: the palms will become soft, and the epidermis will become more elastic. The cream should be used once a week.

Nourishing chest wrap

The neckline should also be pampered with a milk procedure. Such a wrap will tighten the skin, make the breast velvety.

How to cook.

For wrapping, you need to add a little milk, a spoonful of adult aloe juice, and a drop of liquid honey of any kind to two tablespoons of sour cream. The tool should be applied in a circular massage movement on the bust. Wrap everything up with cling film and leave for half an hour. Wash off the wrap with warm water, comfortable for the chest. The frequency of such a procedure is four to five times a month.

Milk bath

It not only relaxes the body but also effectively nourishes the skin with natural, not synthetic substances. It is not by chance that many great “historical beauties” took baths with milk to preserve their youth, sexuality, and charm. Cleopatra, for example, or the Queen of Sheba.

How to cook.

Four spoons of sea or rock salt are poured into the water not higher than 37 degrees, and then two glasses of any milk are poured. Duration of bathing – 20-30 minutes. After it, the skin will be as tender as that of a child. To save the effect, it is enough to hold such a session once or twice a week.

Facial scrub

How to cook.

Three spoons of milk are mixed with the same amount of liquid honey and crushed oatmeal flakes. According to its consistency, the mass should resemble a thick paste and not boiled porridge. The product is applied with slow massage movements, without active rubbing.

The skin will get rid of dead skin cells, mimic wrinkles will not be so noticeable, and the regeneration process will go much faster.


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