3 drinks that cleanse the liver and wash the fats

1.Multicolored drink

1 \ 2 lemon

1 bell pepper

1 apple

1 medium cucumber

Make a juice of the proposed ingredients. It is important to drink a fresh drink so that antioxidants have the desired effect.

If you drink 2-3 glasses of this juice daily, your liver will be cleansed and toxins will be eliminated from the body. You will also improve your overall condition and receive a charge of vivacity.

2. Green tea with citrus flavor

half lemon juice (1 lemon)

one banana

half a cup of green tea (chilled)

Powerful EGCG (epicatechin gallate) green tea extract is able to cleanse the body very quickly.

3. Purifying turmeric drink (aromatic plant) for the liver

half a cup of water

1 \ 2 teaspoon turmeric

some ginger

juice of one lemon

This drink will cleanse your liver and remove toxins from the intestines. It will also prevent the appearance of gallstones.


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