How to make abs at home: several tips for correct and efficient training

Beautiful abdomen – one of the main advantages of the figure. You can have slender legs, elastic buttocks, but if at the same time if a person has a stomach sticking out, then the overall impression immediately deteriorates. That is why most people want to understand how to pump up the abs at home.

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Proper nutrition for  good abs

The first thing you need to understand in order to get a sports figure is that without a healthy diet you will not have the desired result.

To start, review your diet. If you eat the wrong diet, you won’t have to wait much for the exercises.

Balanced nutrition should include:

– proteins;

– slow carbohydrates;

– healthy fats;


– necessary vitamins and microelements.

In addition to the composition of the food is important and the mode of eating. Meals should be:

1. Enough. Three main meals + a couple of snacks. However, try not to overeat.

2. Regular. Try to eat at one time and not skip meals.

3. Healthy. Refuse (or at least limit as much as possible) harmful foods and habits: alcohol and smoking, as well as fatty, too hot, fried, sweet and floury.

4. Drink enough pure water. The daily rate of water consumption per 1 kg of weight is about 30-40 g.

5. Before training (about 1.5-2 hours) you need to eat food that is rich in slow carbohydrates (for example, cereals), and after a workout – food that is rich in proteins (for example, chicken breast or protein shake).

Effective exercises on the muscles of the lower abs

Exercises, called reverse twisting, are best suited for working on the lower abs. To perform it, you need to lie down on the floor, stretching your arms to the sides with your palms down. Legs in the starting position should be raised above the floor (legs with straight). Now start twisting – roll up, pulling your knees up to your head. At the same time, the abs must be pulled into itself, and the arms must remain “glued” to the floor. There are several types of such exercises, for example, hands can be laid behind the head. Also, the legs can not immediately return to their original position, but you can pull them up, making the “birch”.

Each abs exercise involves all sections of the abs, but some exercises are more focused on the lower, middle, or upper section.

Working hard on the top abs

Consider one of the most effective exercises for the upper abs. To do this, lie down and put your feet on the wall (or on the chair) so that your knees form a perpendicular angle. Next, you need not tear the entire back from the floor to begin a smooth twisting, tearing off only the shoulder blades. The further you get up, the more confusing the work. It is advisable to keep your hands behind your head for efficiency. You can reach for their socks, but this will ease the exercise and make it less effective.

Swing the middle abs department

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In order to pump up the average abs, you need to do an exercise similar to the previous one. Only in this case, you will not need support. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees by 90 degrees, put your hands behind your head and start twisting. In this case, the head and knees should reach for each other.

Drying to highlight the abdominal area

If you have (and who do not have) subcutaneous fat, it is necessary to dry so that the abs can be seen. Otherwise, the abs will pump, but will not be visible under the fat layer.

To do this, you must perform cardio workouts regularly. The easiest and most effective way is running.

You need to run regularly, 3-4 times a week, preferably at the same time of day. Before running, you need to warm up, and after – to perform stretching. You should start to run carefully without overloading yourself. It is necessary to monitor the pulse, now it is easiest to do this with the help of smart bracelets.

Stretching – an important stage in the completion of training

Stretching helps the muscles to recover much faster and avoid strength (muscle pain after exercise), and also does not allow them to shorten too much. After each workout the muscles contract and if they are not stretched, the state of the muscles will be deplorable. However, abs stretching is needed only if the muscles are not flabby and not stretched.

Stretching for the abs:

Lie on the floor with your belly to the bottom, lift the body off the floor with your hands. Try to bend as much as possible in the back, stretch your head back.

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As you can see, there are many nuances in-home training. Perhaps it will be cheaper training in the gym, but only in the case of proper exercise. Therefore, it is more advisable to take the classes seriously and start going to the gym, where the coach will select an individual program and advise you on the correct execution of the workout.


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