Month: February 2019

Simple cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower is considered a dietary product, which due to its acids prevents the deposition of eaten junk food in fat reserves. And this leads to a gradual weight loss. Due to its fiber, the beneficial effect on the intestinal activity is normalized, its work is normalized, the metabolism is improved and the disturbed hormones are …

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Food products rich in magnesium

Magnesium is the main structural element of living organisms, an integral component of the bone tissue of animals and humans, as well as the green pigment (chlorophyll) of plants. Mineral activates more than 350 enzymes that are responsible for the absorption of lipids, proteins, and nutrients.

Useful properties of persimmon

Persimmon (lat. Diospyros – heart apple) is a fleshy sweet orange berry. Persimmon is distributed in tropical and temperate climatic zones. The northern part of China is considered the birthplace of persimmon, from where it came to Japan, and then, in the second half of the 19th century, to the USA. There the persimmon was …

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Deadlift: technique and varieties

The deadlift is one of the most common exercises among all sports disciplines. It is actively used in powerlifting and CrossFit and is also a good auxiliary exercise for increasing the overall strength and power of an athlete, so fighters of mixed martial arts, boxing, and oriental martial arts fans also do not bypass it, …

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Raisins: healthy properties, varieties, types

Raisins, as everyone knows, are a type of dried fruit and, in fact, are a dried grape. This delicacy has been deservedly popular for more than five and a half thousand years, although raisins (from Turkish dialect, this word is translated as “grapes”) were previously considered exclusively berries, containing stones.

Foods rich in sodium

How many of us really know the importance of sodium (Na)? What role does this macro element play in maintaining our health? Salt contains 40 percent sodium, which, unlike other minerals, has a pronounced pleasant taste. The body needs Na as a substance that regulates water balance and blood pressure. In addition, it helps to …

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Foods rich in calcium

Calcium is a vital macro element in the presence of which more than 300 biochemical reactions take place in the human body. The mineral plays a primary role in building and strengthening bone tissue, participates in blood coagulation processes, normalization of myocardial contractility, skeletal muscles, restoring the balance between stimulation reactions, inhibition in the brain, …

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