Not sweet pies. 7 recipes.

1.A pie with cabbage

(115 kcal / 100 g, Protein-3.6 g, Fat-2.7, Carbs-20 g)

Kefir 1.5% fat – 1 cup

Flour (oatmeal or rye) – 1 cup

One egg

Baking soda – 1 tsp.

White cabbage – 300 g

Carrot and onion (all one by one)

Salt pinch

Sugar – 5 g

Corn oil – 1 tbsp.


1.In order to prepare such a pie, cabbage can be used fresh, if there is no time at all. And you can put it out a little. It should be finely chopped. Heat the frying pan and put on medium heat, add a little olive oil there and start stewing the cabbage.

2.Carrot need to clean, rub on a medium grater and add to the cabbage. You can add a little water to the vegetables so that they become even softer. And at the end of this platter to salt.

3.Kefir need to pour into a separate container and add baking soda there. At this point, bubbles should appear. You can, to enhance the effect, add another pinch of citric acid.

4.Sugar and egg need to add to kefir. All the ingredients are well mixed together, and then sift flour is carefully and slowly add there.

5.The baking dish should be smeared with a small piece of butter. Then the vegetable layer is laid there, which is filled with dough on top. Then again the cabbage and again the dough, and so on until the prepared ingredients run out.

6.The oven warms up to 180 degrees. The cake is set for half an hour.

2.Cabbage pie for the lazy

Calories / 100g: 96

Fat / 100g: 4

Protein / 100g: 4

Carbohydrates / 100g: 9


– kefir 1% – 70 ml.,

– chicken eggs – 2 pcs.,

– sour cream / yogurt – 1 tbsp.

– whole grain flour – 2-3 tbsp.,

– baking powder – 2 pinches,

– Fresh cabbage – 250-300 gr.,

– greens, dry herbs, salt, pepper – to taste,

– dry garlic – ½ tsp,

– vegetable oil – 1 tbsp.


1.Prepare the cabbage – remove the top leaves, cut the cabbage into strips, or grate on a special grater. Now, if desired, fry the cabbage in a non-stick frying pan or pour boiling water on it and leave it for 15 minutes alone. You can also use ready-made stewed cabbage.

2.In a deep bowl to put a few chicken eggs.

3.Add kefir and low-fat sour cream to the eggs, optionally replace sour cream with Greek yogurt.

4.Pour in spices as well – here you can add everything you like best – dry vegetables, granulated garlic, a pinch of salt, ground pepper. Stir the ingredients.

5.Add a few tablespoons of whole-grain flour, add a couple of pinch of baking powder, but you can do without it, or add slaked soda.

6.The finished dough is obtained by the average thickness of the consistency.

7.Add cabbage directly to the dough. If the cabbage was filled with boiling water, you need to drain the water, and squeeze the cabbage. Add chopped greens. Mix.

8.The form is lightly greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Pour the dough into the form, send in the oven – 180 degrees – 20-25 minutes.

9.Ready diet cake on kefir can be served

3.Chickpea pie with cabbage filling.

per 100 grams: Kcal 103.99 /  Proteins 3.41 / Fats 4.96 / Carbs 11.75


chickpeas – 50 g in dry form

white cabbage – ¼ part of a small head

carrots – 1 pc.

onion – 1 pc.

vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l

salt – to taste

1. Be sure to soak the peas overnight. So it will cook faster, and even it will become easier for digestion.

2. In the morning, wash the chickpeas and boil.

3. While it is boiling (it will take about 2 hours), prepare the vegetables: chop the cabbage, cut the onions into cubes, and grate the carrots on a coarse grater.

4. Connect the onions with the carrot, place them in the form. Cover the mold with a lid and place in a preheated oven. Let the vegetables bake in their own juice.

5. Salt the baked vegetables and season with vegetable oil.

6. Put the cabbage in a saucepan and put on a slow fire.

7. It should be constantly stirred, and monitor the evaporation of moisture, adding as needed a little water. Instead of butter, use water. Liquid should only make wet dishes and cabbage. If the water will be a lot of vegetables just cooked. Stew cabbage quickly enough – 15-20 minutes.

8. Chickpeas should be well cooked, become soft. Drain the water and knead it with a crush, which is usually used to make mashed potatoes.

9. Divide the prepared and seasoned onions with carrots into 3 parts. Send one part to cabbage, mix the rest with chickpeas.

10. Now you need to form a chickpea pie. First you need to prepare a baking dish. Lubricate it with vegetable oil.

11. Split the whole mixture in half. Fill the bottom of the form with one half.

12. Put the cabbage filling on top.

13. Close it with a chickpea layer.

14. Top chickpea pie with vegetable oil.

15. Put the mold with the future cake in the oven. Baking time 15 minutes, temperature 220 degrees.

16. As soon as you see the golden crust – the chickpea pie is ready, turn off the fire.

17. You can put it on a plate immediately, but you should cut it when it cools a little bit.

4.Vegetable Snack Pie

Calories / 100g: 60

Fat / 100g: 2

Cooking time: 45

Protein / 100g: 2

Carbohydrates / 100g: 7


– 1 eggplant,

– 3 zucchini,

– 1-2 sweet peppers,

– 1 carrot,

– 1 egg,

– 1 clove of garlic,

– 3 tbsp. chickpea flour,

– 2 tbsp. olive oil,

– 1 tsp. curry,

– salt and black pepper to taste

1.Prepare the vegetables. We wash the eggplant and zucchini, remove the seeds from the peppers and clean the carrots.

2.Rub all the vegetables on a medium grater. We salt, that they let out juice. It will need to be drained separately, and the vegetables squeeze well.

3.Squeeze a clove of garlic through the press. Mix with grated vegetables.

4.Combine chickpea flour with salt, pepper and curry. You can add any other spices to your taste. Mix and pour in some water or vegetable juice.

5.The consistency of the dough should be like pancakes, not very liquid. Add olive oil and break one egg.

6.Stir the dough with a fork.

7.Fill the grated vegetables with liquid dough, mix thoroughly so that it covers each piece.

8.Pour the dough into a round shape, better silicone, it does not need to sprinkle or grease. Level the surface of the dough with a spoon.

9.Send the form with the dough into the oven and bake until cooked for about half an hour at 180 degrees. Readiness can be checked with a wooden skewer.

10.Serve the vegetable pie, cut into portions, hot or cold as a low-calorie snack.

5.Pie with onion and egg in a slow cooker. Gluten free.

Perfect for breakfast.

For the test you will need:

2 eggs +1 egg white

Corn flour – 100 gr.

kefir or natural yogurt – 80-100 ml.

Baking soda – ½ tea l. extinguish with lemon juice.

For filling:

Boiled eggs – 3 pcs.

Green onions – 1 bunch.

Seasoning “for pizza” – 1 tbsp. lie It consists of: onion, red paprika, salt, basil greens, garlic, marjoram greens, and oregano, ground black pepper, thyme.

1.I combine eggs with corn flour and mix well, it should be a thick mass.

Now, gradually add kefir or natural yogurt.

The dough consistency in the end, should be similar to the dough for pancakes.

If it is too liquid, then the cake may turn out to be wet and this will not in the best way affect its taste.

2.It all depends on the size of the eggs and the quality of kefir. Therefore, in the ingredients I indicated the approximate amount of kefir.

Baking soda garnish with lemon juice and again, mix the dough well.

It’s time for the pie filling:

Here, too, nothing complicated. As for salads, I cut diced boiled eggs and not large green onions, add seasonings and mix everything well.

In my seasoning there is already salt, therefore, do not salt either the filling or the dough.

I spread half the dough, then the filling and the second half of the dough, which I spread with a large spoon, in the crock-pot.

3.I put the pan in a slow cooker and turn on the “baking” mode.

After about thirty minutes, I take out the cake and turn it over. I bake another fifteen minutes.

6.Fish and Vegetable Pie

Ingredients for the pie:

For the dough:

1. 250 g low-fat cottage cheese. From soft, fine-grained cottage cheese, the dough is more tender.

2. 2 eggs.

3. 3 tbsp. spoons of olive oil

4. 1 teaspoon baking powder, or (1 teaspoon, without the top of baking soda, mix with a pinch of citric acid and 1 teaspoon of water, put out and add to the dough).

5. 1 pinch of salt.

6. 2 tbsp. spoons, with a slide of wheat bran.

7. 200g of flour (well, if it is whole grain).

For filling:

1. 100 g of any vegetables. Zucchini, broccoli, green beans. I like best with cauliflower.

2. A can of tuna in its own juice (any fish that you like is suitable).

3. 1 egg.

4. 100 g sour cream, 15% fat.

5. 1 tbsp. spoon seasoning “to fish.”

Cooking method:

1.Cottage cheese, eggs, butter, salt and bran mix well. Sift flour and mix with baking powder. If you use hydrated soda, add it to liquid ingredients.

2.Knead the dough, gradually adding flour.

3.As soon as the dough starts to stick out of the hands, it is ready.

4.Roll out a round layer 0.5 cm thick and lay it in a mold so that the sides of the dough are higher than the sides of the mold.

5.So that the cake is well out of shape, I put food foil on the bottom.

6.Put diced vegetables and fish on dough. Beat egg with sour cream and pour over vegetables with fish.

7.Sprinkle with seasoning.

8.Wrap the edges of the dough, making wavy tucks as for biscuits.

9.Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

10.The pie turns ruddy, try it, it is very tasty.

11.Of course, white flour of the highest and first grade, has a high glycemic index, and if you follow the figure, baking of such flour should be avoided.

12.In this recipe, thanks to eggs, cottage cheese, fish and the main bran, the whole dish is absorbed slowly without causing a sharp jump in blood sugar. And in the morning, this cake will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit.

7.Meat bread according to Dukan.

Calories / 100g: 110.88

Fat / 100g: 3.04

Cooking time: 60

Protein / 100g: 18.82

Carbohydrates / 100g: 0.75

It will take 1 hour to prepare, from the listed ingredients you will get 0.5 kg.


– Chicken fillet – 450 g;

– milk – 80 ml;

– chicken egg – 1 pc .;

– quail egg – 3 pcs .;

– ground red pepper – 5 g;

– salt.


1.Prepare the chicken – for a good result, you need to remove any wires, fat and film, only clean fillets should remain. Cut the meat in small pieces.

2.We break quail eggs and chicken egg, put in a bowl of chicken fillet.

3.Add milk, send all the ingredients in a blender or food processor, grind until smooth.

4.Season with minced minced red pepper and salt, to taste you can mix sweet paprika and red hot pepper. For this amount of ingredients 5-7 g of fine salt is enough.

5.For cooking, you can use any form for baking, in this recipe is detachable form – 11 x 15 centimeters. We cover the form with several layers of food film, grease with a drop of vegetable oil, lay out the minced meat, distribute evenly, cover with film so that no water gets into the cooking process.

6.In a deep pan with a thick and wide bottom, we put a towel made of cotton cloth, put a form with minced meat on it, fill it with hot water, close it tightly, cook on low heat for 30 minutes, the water should not boil much.

7.Cool the finished meat bread at room temperature, then remove the food film from it, put it in the fridge for a few hours.

8.From these products I have a small loaf weighing 0.47 kg, which is conveniently cut into even, thin slices.


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