Benefits of doing a burpee

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When it comes to intense burning of calories and losing weight in a short time, this means that you need to do burpees and once again burpees. Not many people love this exercise, but it is better than running that effectively burns fat, tightens the stomach, and ensures good physical fitness.

Burpee is a composite plyometric exercise from the CrossFit discipline. Compound – because it is a mini-complex of simpler exercises (push-ups, squats, jumps), performed without interruptions. Plyometric – as it develops explosive muscle strength, speed, and endurance athlete.

Features of the exercise

In this method of training, like CrossFit, increased attention is paid to doing burpees. Initially, the exercise was invented to assess the physical training of American military personnel, however, since CrossFit collects the best elements from different disciplines, we assign merit in promoting Burpee to him.

The first step is to figure out what elements this exercise consists of. Variations can be many – athletes can complicate and simplify the exercise, adding or excluding those or other movements.

The classic version looks like this:

  • Deep squat, hands on the floor.
  • Jump to stop lying.
  • Push up.
  • Return jump in a squat.
  • Jumping up from the squat.
  • Return to the squat.

These six elements make up one repetition.

The training task is to do the exercise as quickly and correctly as possible and to lay the greatest number of cycles in the allotted time interval. The duration of this interval depends on the physical fitness of the athlete and the characteristics of his training program.

It can be 20 seconds of intensive execution with 10-second rest breaks, two-minute intervals, alternated by minute rest, and so on. Examples of training (work and rest intervals) for people of different levels of training will be given at the end of the article.

What does the implementation of the burpee?

So, the essence of the exercise is clear. Now let’s see what it is generally needed for, what advantages it gives, and what physical qualities it develops. In other words, why does it make sense to master burpee, even if CrossFit is not particularly interesting for you?

The first indisputable advantage – the exercise involves a large number of muscle groups throughout the body. After all, you consistently perform push-ups and jumps from a deep squat, alternating it all with a pose of a plank on straight arms.

The following muscle groups receive the greatest load:

  • Quadriceps, thigh biceps, buttocks, calves.
  • Big pectoral, triceps.
  • Deltoid muscle.
  • Abs.

Almost all the muscles in your body are attracted to perform this complex coordination movement. In combination with the speed of execution, this gives enormous energy costs.

Burpee has a number of advantages:

  • In order to drive yourself in full, you do not need any additional equipment. Only your own body and a couple of square meters on the floor. This makes the exercise universal. You can train in the gym, at home, on the street, in a hotel room on vacation, in general, anywhere.
  • Exercise trains the respiratory and cardiovascular systems accelerate blood throughout the body and accelerate the metabolic processes in the body. Doing a workout a few minutes in the morning, you will be vigorous and energetic all day.
  • Exercise develops explosive strength, speed, coordination, and balance. You learn to own each muscle of your body, to perform movements quickly, clearly, and consistently.
  • The high consumption of calories when doing exercises makes it an ideal tool in the fight against excess fat. Want to lose weight, dry, burn a piece of cake eaten? Get started!
  • Saving time, which is important for many busy people. Every day, arrange a few short intervals of work and rest, and you will get excellent physical exercises. To maintain good health and well-being, only this will be enough.

Contraindications to the exercise are any injuries, painful conditions, problems with pressure, heart, or blood vessels. To begin an intense workout you must feel good.

3 secrets of effective burpee

You can love them or hate them. And even call burpee in English style. But the burpee is already in group training for beginners. And if you do not know how to do them, you, as it were, are not at all in the trend.

Seriously, this is an excellent substitute for sprints for the “load” interval, and a good option, when there are 12 minutes left in the hall, cardio is not done, and the weight still does not want to leave. Burpee is burdening the entire body, but many people complain of pain in the wrists, lower back, and ankles after a couple of months of self-fulfillment.

Especially loudly comrades who immediately begin to make the maximum amount of burpee for the minimum time complain. For yourself know what purposes.

Control your thoughts while practicing

Problems with “scraping” back pain, as a rule, are caused by the fact that you try to distract your consciousness as much as possible during exercise or fix it on completely different things.

The vast majority of people think about the pain in the quadriceps and that it would be nice to miss push-ups in the support, and just collapse the stomach on the ground and bounce.

Or about something distracting, like a raspberry shower gel that lies in a cabinet in the cozy coolness of a dressing room while you are practicing your exercise here.

And it is necessary to fix the consciousness only on 3 things:

  • retracted abdomen and slightly flatter than normal loin. If not, you can really get acquainted with back pain soon, even if you are healthy;
  • strapped and lowered to the pelvis scapula. I know how it sounds, you don’t care for the shoulder blades, and not for their tightness, but you still need to practice this small movement – it helps in everything from strength training to the stability of the center of the body in the burpee, and it protects the spine. And also helps with those push-ups;
  • soft knees and elbows upon landing. If you “forcibly” unbend the joints, they will not be in the position that they recognize as effective and safe … And yes, if your back hurts desperately before the practice begins, it is time to see a doctor. Perhaps you have already been injured by your other high-intensity exercises (it’s not just that you’re fond of these burpees, huh?), And more jumping in your case will only aggravate the problem.

In general, if you just do not feel the strength to think about the technique during the burpee, it is better to abandon the burpee. You can think about other things by doing low-intensity cardio on the equipment. Or on the way home on foot.

Treat exercise as a workout, not as calorie burning

Paraphrasing a well-known meme, most injuries happen just not after the words “look how I can”, but after someone said, “look how many calories I burned and how much I can eat.” For safety reasons, when you already got off the exercise bike and moved away from 2 kg of weight, leave the calorie burner mentality there too.

Yes, 4 minutes of Tabata burpee can “burn” up to 60 kcal. If you only will do them qualitatively. And you will not try to take 12 minutes of Tabata burpee to burn 180 kcal when you are not ready for this. In general, try not to think about calories ever, either during exercise or during exercise selection. Think of them when you eat. That’s the whole secret.

Start training is “in power”, and not in a circular style. Start with, for example, 8 burpees in good proper technique, in 4 sets.

Rest between sets for a minute, but do not stand a pillar, but try to make light movements, walk, and breathe deeply.

Over time, as soon as you can perform 15-20 burpees without pain in the whole body and the orbits that get out of them from eye hypoxia, you can proceed to manipulations with stopwatches and timers.


If you’re new, try removing burpee from the “end of strength training” to the top cardio.

Yes, you came to your favorite ellipse, be like it for 5 minutes to warm up, get down, make your burpee (take 10 minutes, but what a metabolic effect!), Then go and do “long steady cardio” or intervals, or whatever you are decided. The fact is that as an exercise for the whole body, the burpee has little chance of a normal performance after a full-fledged power unit in a beginner.

Watch where and how you jump

For a start, the “cross-fit” version with a complete fall to the floor and repulsion really allows you to do more burpee per unit of time. And it is not intended for beginners who do not know how to control the center of the body in this exercise (and not in ballet, on power, in life, and so on).

Until you learn to evenly push off with both feet when jumping and even push out evenly, equally bending both arms at the elbows and easily touching the floor with your chest – no speed burpee. Do you want cardio and don’t know how to do push-ups? Make a variant with 3 seconds of the rack in the bar, but not with a push-up from the knees.

Work on pushups, be able to do, pull up and burpee. Now, about where. Most of the injuries on boot camps and similar events happen due to unprepared coverage.

Therefore, if you go to a gym with a laminate floor on grit or any other high-intensity lesson, then do not be surprised at the tingling pains in the knees and shoulders. The advice is simple to ugliness – find a normal room with a human surface. Or jump on the “rubberized” playground or on the ground.

It is much safer than skipping on a slippery and hard laminate.

The second point is to push the legs down. Most of the people manage to relax … the foot, and break the heels apart, keeping their socks together. Unnecessary “twisting” force in the ankle joint, and again the risk.

Try to work like a yoga – socks in the support, heels up. If you don’t understand what it’s like in sneakers, take off your sneakers, and make a couple of dozen burpee with soft steps (alternately with each foot), but barefoot.


The toes should be as perpendicular to the floor as possible. And in the same sneakers.

The same goes for the wrists. Hands should be at the same distance from the shoulders. The more “inside the case” you put your palms, the closer you press your forearms to your body, and the more your push-up should resemble what people call “push-ups on triceps.” But do not try to put your hands close at the same time and spread your elbows, it can injure your wrists.

For the rest – do not rush and do not fuss, you will not make it faster from this. It is better to perform more slowly, but without injuries.

20 options burpee:

1. Burpee with breeding legs upright

After you have taken an emphasis while lying down, spread your legs with a jump, and then connect them back with a jump. Then continue to perform a classic burpee.

2. Burpee with a jump on the curbstone

Instead of the usual jump, you jump onto a pedestal or other elevation.

3. Burpee with jumping neck

Instead of the usual jump, you jump over the bar of the barbell and do the exercise on the other side.

4. Burpee with lifting hands in push-ups

When you fall into the support while lying, you should not just touch the floor with your chest, but lie on it completely and raise your arms. Then run the classic version of the burpee.

5. Burpee on one leg

Classic burpee, but on one leg. The second is in the air throughout the exercise.

6. Jumping from side to side

Instead of the usual jump, you jump to the side and continue to exercise in a new place.

7. Burpee with alternating legs in a jump

Instead of the usual jump, do two jumps from a lunge with changing legs.

8. Burpee with tightening the knees to the chest in a jump

This exercise is complicated by the jump. You jump higher and in a jump tighten your knees to your chest.

9. Burpee on one hand

In this exercise, you do not wring out, but simply stand up on one arm, then put your legs up and jump up, like in the classic burpee.

10. Burpee with exercise “Rock Climber”

Here the push-up is replaced with the exercise “Rock Climber”. While jumping, the pelvis should not go up. Make four jumps, and then continue to perform a classic burpee.

11. Push-up burpee

This is a more complex option for a burpee, in which the usual push-up is replaced by a push-up with cotton. You drop to the side while lying down, wring out and jerk upwards, lifting your hands off the ground and making cotton under your breasts. After that, you wring out one more time and continue to perform the classic burpee.

12. Burpee with steps

Before you wring out, you walk with your feet and hands to the side. If you go to the right, take a step with your right foot and at the same time substitute your left hand with your right hand. Then step with your right hand to the right and at the same time expose your left foot to your right. After that, perform the classic version of the burpee. Alternate sides: burpee → steps to the right → burpee → steps to the left.

13. Burpee with Indian pushups.

Instead of the usual push-ups, you do Indian. They represent a way out of the dog’s yoga pose, head downwards to the dog’s head up and back.

From the support, while lying down, raise your pelvis up, keep your back and arms straight, your knees can be bent slightly, and your heels off the floor. Bend your arms, almost touching the floor first with your chest and then with your stomach, move your body forward and exit to the next position: the pelvis and hips are close to the floor, the body rises slightly in her arms. Return to the original position, putting the pelvis back. Do not slip close to the floor.

After push-ups, perform the usual burpee.

14. Jumping Jack Burpee

Perform classic burpees, but instead of jumping up, do a few jumps with Jumping Jack. Starting position – legs together, arms down. With a jump, put your legs wider than your shoulders, at the same time raising your arms and slamming above your head. With a jump, return to the starting position.

Make four jumps, and then go down to the point of rest and perform a burpee.

15. Burpee with hops on all sides.

The difficulty of this exercise is that you need to jump on an elevation that is in front, left, and right. Changing sides, you will jump both frontally and sideways.

After push-ups, you jump onto the cabinet that stands in front of you and jumps off the left side. Then, after pushing up, you jump onto the cabinet with your right side and jump off your back. Further exercise repeats, only you jump not from the left, but from the right side.

16. Burpee with 180-degree rotation

Instead of the usual jump up, you make the jump with a 180-degree turn.

17. Burpee with tightening the legs to the horizontal bar

This exercise must be performed under the horizontal bar. After push-ups, you put your feet in, hang on hanging on the bar and lift your legs to the crossbar. After that, jump off, put your hands on the floor, go to the bench press and continue to perform a burpee.

18. Burpee with pull-up

Another exercise near the horizontal bar. Here, instead of the usual jump, you pull up.

19. Burpee with med ball

You start the exercise, standing with a med ball in your hands. First, you put the fit ball on the floor, lean on it with your hands, and with a jump go to the support lying down. Then put one hand on the floor, the other remains on the med ball, wring out, and return the hand from the floor to the med ball. With a jump, you put your legs up and jump up, bringing the med ball over your head.

20. Burpee with dumbbells

In this exercise, you perform a burpee, without releasing dumbbells from your hands. During the jump, you do not need to carry your hands with dumbbells up above your head. Keep them close to your body in lowered hands.

How to create your own variations of the burpee

Combining different types of push-ups and other exercises, you can create countless variations of the burpee. Complicate burpee with med balls, Bosu platform, expanders, stops, weights, try complex pushups, change the usual jumps to other exercises: throwing a stuffed ball into the wall, a variety of jumping, and walking.

The number of variations is limited only by your imagination. You can at least every day change the types of the burpee, complicate your task and continue to pump strength and endurance.

Examples of training

For beginners, you can offer this training scheme using the exercise Burpee:

1. Two minutes doing the exercise.

2. Two minutes rest.

3. Repeat 3 times or as much as you can.

You can progress by increasing the number of repetitions of the exercise in the interval, reducing the time for rest, or adding “circles”.

For intermediate level training:

  1. Two minutes exercise.

2. Fifteen minutes rest.

3. Repeat 5 times.

For advanced athletes:

  1. Three minutes of exercise.

2. One-minute rest.

3. Repeat 6 times.

There is also such a technique as the Tabata protocol. In this case, the exercise is intensively performed for 20 seconds, then there is a 10-second break. This is repeated 8 times (4 minutes), then there is a minute rest, etc.

Whatever execution option you choose by adding burpee to your training program, you are guaranteed to speed up your metabolism, significantly increase your level of endurance and explosive power, and also bring tonus muscles of the whole body.



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