All about turmeric

Turmeric – the benefits and harm to the body are on both sides. And fortunately, Indian spice will only benefit this time. But its properties are so great, and it is used not only in cooking; it is difficult to imagine the scale of its power exerted on the human body.

What is turmeric, and how does it look?

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What is turmeric, and how does it look, what does it eat and what are its properties? We will consider issues separately. And let’s start with the definition – it is a spice that is popular not only in India but also in other eastern countries. Turmeric is capable of dyeing almost any product in red color, giving it a golden yellowish tint.

It is used:

  • In cooking;
  • In spices;
  • In industry;
  • In the manufacture of fabrics;
  • In the production of cosmetics.

The ingredient is inexpensive, and it is often called by Europeans Indian saffron. Turmeric combines a pleasantly mild flavor, light spiciness, and salty flavor.

The structure includes components such as:

This is what a turmeric plant looks like.

The main active ingredient is curcumin, which acts on objects like a dye. It is of vegetable origin, safe for the body. Get it from the roots and leaves through extraction – extracted powder mass. It does not dissolve in water, therefore in salads, it is least of all – it does not absorb moisture. In industrial production at the expense of this spice-dyed fabric, drinks, and even some decor items. It is interesting that curcumin is completely dissolved in alcohol, although the plant itself has such basic bases.

How much turmeric can I eat per day?

Turmeric, as a spice, is good for the body. As a seasoning, it is added to various dishes, but how much turmeric can you eat per day?

We will talk about its simple properties:

  • For an adult weighing 70 kg, 40-50 g of spice can be used. This is the marginal rate.
  • For a small child of 3-4 years (20 kg), 2-3 tsp is enough. This is about 10 g.
  • Older people can be a little more, but not to get involved in spice.

Just because you can take it before a meal, to cause a slight appetite. But on the medicinal properties of spices, as a vegetable component, let’s talk in the relevant section.

Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric is in many online publications is teeming with slimming recipes, citing the magical properties of spices. However, it is worth considering that any spicy seasoning can harm the stomach.

Turmeric for weight loss is used only as an additive:

  • It suppresses hunger if it is not in its pure form. Otherwise, you can be hungry.                               
  • Essential oils accelerate the metabolism, which is the disintegration of fats.
  • Vitamins enrich the vascular wall with oxygen, they become stronger, and can easily siphon blood, stuffed with harmful components. All this is filtered by the liver.
  • Spice removes liquid, as it is not able to dissolve in it. The first moisture and carbohydrates go. Therefore, it is necessary to eat well, but in small portions, so that from it was an expert.
  • Intestinal metabolism increases. And this leads to the breakdown of aqueous fats, not vegetables.

Taking into account all factors, it can be concluded that turmeric is good for the esophagus and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. It promotes weight loss only when a person eats the right foods. Excessive carbohydrates and fats, which in combination are deposited in the subcutaneous fat, can neutralize the effect of turmeric. Avoid abundant drinking and exercise. Recommended sauna or bath.

Milk with turmeric for the night

Milk with turmeric for the night is drunk to prevent diseases. A mixture of “golden milk” perfectly affects the blood vessels, intestinal walls, and heart function. Many people in old age use this elixir to maintain muscle tone.

Constant use leads to positive results:

  • It is easier for pensioners to get out of bed, to try physical exercises.
  • Movement becomes more pleasant, the speed of the muscles increases.
  • Gravity can lift more than 10 kg of weight. This is noteworthy for women who love to shuffle a few packages, especially in age.
  • Colds and malaise in the past – people in age are less likely to get sick.

Immediately, we note that in order to take advantage of these results, you need at least 10 years to be engaged in cooking spices. Hindus can not do without a single day, which is reflected in their longevity and good health.

Important principles of this recipe are considered – cleansing the intestines and blood vessels. If there is a risk of disease of the joints, blood vessels, heart, feel free to take turmeric. The opportunity to get sick in the next few months is reduced to a minimum. Immunity works well, although the lymph nodes do not “intersect” with lobar parts of the body when taking spices.

Indians say that turmeric heals diseases and restores strength. So it is, but the reasons are still unknown. Scientists have found out one fact – the combination of alcohols and oils, which are incompatible, in this spice work wonders. Why this happens – no one knows.

Turmeric with water on an empty stomach

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Turmeric does not dissolve in water, and many believe that such a primitive recipe is a marketing research syndrome. Especially “hang” advertising, so that people take the spices. This will lead to frustration, buying medicines, etc. However, seasoning treats the intestines and does not cause any harm to the stomach by the use of the norm. There is such, that turmeric with water on an empty stomach helps in the fight against microorganisms. But this is a myth – more precisely, the impact occurs at a different level and has nothing to do with bacteria.

  1. The mixture should be washed down with water, then arthritis will disappear. No, the state of health will be better, but the disease will not go away.

2. Type 2 diabetes mellitus – cure completely. It is a fact. Scientists from Auburn University in 2009 made a confirmed discovery – turmeric combined with oily water (oils do not split the spice, on the contrary, increase the effect) can normalize blood sugar without drugs. Details were published in the biochemical journal, and since then the number of people with diabetes has decreased, and 67% of sick patients were able to return to their previous lifestyle.

3. Inflammations will disappear by themselves. No, this is a myth. Inflammation in bronchitis – yes, it will decrease and will be subject to treatment with less active antibiotics.

4. Salvation from cancer is true. Turmeric contains an antioxidant that replaces the affected cells. They are neutralized, then a sparing recovery mode occurs.

Unfortunately, one spice will not save you from cancer. If this were the case, doctors would become adherents of traditional medicine, and India was considered the richest country in the world. However, you should listen to the instructions of oncologists – the more the patient believes in the power of health, the better the test results. This is a proven fact, and you can still eat a couple of spoons of herbs and spices.

Turmeric for joints

Osteoarthritis and arthritis are the two most nasty diseases. They never talk about themselves, only occasionally resemble pains and ailments. And everything would be fine if it were not painkillers, compresses, and feeling unwell. Turmeric for joints can only be helpful as a burden to recovery. It promotes but does not completely cure, especially as an independent substance.

Turmeric for vessels

Well, the vessels and capillaries can be accurately corrected without the purchase of potent medicines. Turmeric for vessels is a kind of helper. Actions are not noticeable, but the results are visible in the diagnosis. Blood clots will never be disturbed, and this has been proven by scientists from the Niigatsky University of Pharmacy. Then a few test packets of turmeric were put on sale, which should have been eaten before bedtime. For 6 months, volunteers ate spices. Then re-diagnosis was carried out – as a result, the autoimmune syndrome of vascular disease was neutralized. Everyone’s heart was healthy, the condition of the organs improved.

Turmeric: healthy properties and contraindications

In addition to the basic properties for cooking and additional treatment, the spice is suitable for healing the body as a whole. But there are some aspects when it acts as the main, rather than secondary, means for healing. It became an independent product in 2000 and began to be marketed under the sign of E100. This is turmeric extract – turmeric, which is common in the food industry as an additive of biological origin.

There are some types of spices:

  1. Long turmeric – necessary for seasoning, which is used for cooking meat, fish, poultry.
  2. Curcuma zedoaria is a plant root extract that comes in the form of pieces that crumble, but do not stick to your hands. They are necessary for the manufacture of soft varieties of alcohol, alcohol tinctures, and low alcohol products.
  3. Fragrant – this turmeric has become the favorite of confectioners, who immediately made it the main addition to cakes and pastries.
  4. Round turmeric is an excellent substitute for starch, which can sometimes cause stomach irritation. It is considered only a technical variety of the main culture.

For rice and eggs, the spice will be a good dye, without harmful combinations. In cheeses and mayonnaise, margarine and butter, turmeric is not the last. It softens the sharp taste, saturating some components with fats. It can not save, it will replace any animal fat, although vegetable carbohydrates are not equal, compared with this spice. Turmeric: beneficial properties and contraindications – two combinations in one. The latter is observed only in cosmetology.

If you decide to purchase such cosmetics, it is better to refuse. Natural dye, spice, antioxidant – the whole combination can cause allergies, sometimes swelling. And the matter is not in the quality of the spice but in combination with other components of cosmetic chemistry.

Turmeric – belongs to the ginger family, so avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. All eyeshadows and mascaras should be excluded so that the effects of beautiful red hues against the background of swollen tear eyes do not appear.

Turmeric for the liver

The liver is considered the most important organ – it filters the blood and removes excess components from the body. And if you constantly have a source of health in the form of turmeric, then soon your most blood circulatory system will noticeably improve. Turmeric for the liver is used as an independent substance. Can be added to products. Only 12 g, and can change the work of the entire protective system of the body.

Additional positive effects are also observed:

  1. Normalization of the action of the kidneys;  
  2. Good functioning of the muscles of the fundus;
  3. Lower blood sugar levels;
  4. Strengthening the central nervous system.

Sometimes turmeric is prescribed behind the scenes by the attending physician, who leads therapy for kidney function. It is better to give preference to drug treatment, but sometimes after a cruel “attack” of alcohol on the main important organ, you can eat turmeric. The state considerably improves.

Turmeric from arthritis

As we have said, turmeric with arthritis is an excellent phenomenon of the “healing” of old wounds and fissures. In the literal sense – the spice affects the cells of bone tissue, soft joints, and the structure as a whole.

There is an excellent recipe that helps to cope with the disease, reducing pain and a feeling of heaviness:

  1. Turmeric in the amount of 1 teaspoon will be needed.
  2. Sift it through a sieve.
  3. Add 2 tsp of ginger powder. Stir dry mass.  
  4. A little ground red pepper is added at the end – ½ tsp for taste.
  5. Heat the mustard oil in a water bath, add to the mixture. The whole mass should be mixed until smooth until you get the consistency of mush.
  6. Take a gauze napkin and put the mixture on it. Attach to the sore spot. Leave a compress for several hours.

Tip: If the pain is completely gone, remove the compress without waiting for the end of the procedure. If the pain is still present, wait until the compress takes effect. Sometimes it takes a night for the effect to appear.

Turmeric for gastritis

Turmeric for gastritis is a very useful seasoning. You can achieve a complete stop of acute pain, as well as reduce the number of relapses. In chronic gastritis, conservative treatment should be applied, taking short breaks.

It will help to cope with an unpleasant sensation in the stomach. Stop the sudden appearance of colic and cutting pains.

1. Take 10 g of turmeric, add to a clean container.

2. Activated carbon (3-4 tablets) pour boiling water. You can replace it with milk (50 ml).

3. Mix the mixture with seasoning, mix thoroughly.

4. Take 1 tbsp. daily, before meals.

5. If you need wellness therapy, extend the course of treatment to 3 weeks.

Remember that the break between rehabilitation courses must be at least two weeks. If during this period of time there is pain, alternate treatment with medicines.

Turmeric in psoriasis.

As is well known, psoriasis is a skin disease against the background of abnormal gastrointestinal function. Dandruff, abundant crusts on the head. The skin is constantly sore, sometimes itching and burning. Therefore, turmeric in psoriasis should be taken strictly in accordance with the recipe. Why? Ingredients and food additives in the purchase of spices can fall into the category of “allergic” substances. Excessive weight can cause the opposite effect – increased dandruff, lower abdominal pain.

For the treatment of psoriasis, you can use turmeric in the form of tincture, tablets, or ointment. Tableted substance should not contain impurities – 95% fall only on spice extract. If so, then you can use the substance as a treatment. 1.5-3 g of the substance to drink on an empty stomach before breakfast. The course lasts 2-3 weeks, and if there are improvements, take a break.

In the pharmacy, you can buy ready-made liqueur from turmeric – based on alcohol or water base. First, determine which type of tincture suits you best, consult your pharmacist. Alcohols dry the skin and cannot be used to treat dry dandruff. The only water-based substance will be safe.

Take 40 tinctures of tincture with a glass of water. The course of treatment is specified in the instructions for the drug – but not more than 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

The ointment is applied locally – applied to the affected area of ​​the scalp. She copes with dandruff. Eliminates itching and redness.

The paste is prepared as follows:

1.  ¼ of ointment is heated in the hands. It is advisable to do it in foil (on the radiator) or in a package.

2. 10 ml of water is added.

3. All is mixed into a thick homogeneous mixture.

Make a compress, fix it with a bandage. The affected skin will recover overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo or plain water. Thoroughly wash off residual ointment.

Turmeric for diabetes

Turmeric for type 2 diabetes is especially helpful. For cooking, you will need the usual spice in the powder. It is sifted, filled with boiling water. To the resulting mass is added black tea, cinnamon, and ginger in equal shares. Stir, add 1 tsp. honey The consistency is liquid, similar to herbal tea. Take only after meals!

The course of treatment to stabilize the balance lasts 1-2 months, every day you need to drink 1 glass of this tea in the morning or evening.

Turmeric with pancreatitis

Turmeric with pancreatitis may be useful to people older than 5 years. Since there is no indication of “compatible drugs” with turmeric in medicines that the patient takes, it is necessary to carefully administer the substance in the morning on an empty stomach. If you are taking herbal remedies, potent painkillers, exclude turmeric, because the interaction of spices with such medicines has not been studied.

In large doses, you can not take the composition – you can achieve inflammation of the duodenum.

So, for the treatment you will need:

  • 5 g of turmeric powder;
  • Tea or juice – 1 glass.

Sometimes, instead of the liquid, they take simple honey, which draws in all the spice particles. You need to take 100 ml (if prepared on the basis of tea) or 20 g (on the basis of honey) before eating. You must wait half an hour until the mass works.

Turmeric for colds

Photo by Osha Key on Unsplash

Due to the special composition of the spice, it is known as a therapeutic medicine of popular production. Turmeric for colds can also be used as the main source of medicine.

Contains beneficial trace elements, has the following effects on the human body:

  • Antibacterial effect – completely eliminates the source of inflammation, the localization of the virus.
  • Antiseptic effect – neutralizes natural allergens, disinfects wounds and blood.
  • Eliminates relapses – completely destroys the causes of relapses of leukemia in children. Heals burns of any degree.
  • The effect of a delayed reaction – turmeric can delay the moment of a new asthma attack, the development of melanoma.
  • Smart antibiotic – so-called spice due to its dual effects on the lymph nodes. Its substances are contained in the root of the plant, but the leaves have a greater concentration. Therefore, as a clever medicine, it is able to exert a “leaves” effect with the help of substances that are “in the roots” of plants.

Pathogenic microflora can occur not only in patients with Acute Respiratory Viral Infection but also in pregnant women, pregnant women, etc. As is known, in such periods it is difficult to choose a gentle antibiotic, so as not to harm the fetus. Turmeric is able to eliminate the “bad” cells of viruses and diseases without killing the good ones. In combination with antibiotics, you need to take pills or powders to preserve the normal flora (suprastin and analogs), but you do not need turmeric.

Turmeric cough

For children, turmeric cough will be considered a natural “vaccination”, for adults – an additive in the form of supplements to vaccinations. Since there is no cure for a medicament form only for the cough, the cause of which has not been established, or the bacterium itself has not been studied, a simple mixture is prescribed – seasoning with ether oils of some flowering tree.

Turmeric for immunity

Turmeric for immunity can only be prescribed for its intended purpose. Since there are no special preparations that would affect the immune system, it is believed that the spices of the category of ginger plants can replace some of the properties of preparations created to maintain the body’s “filters” from viruses.

It is worth remembering that sometimes women need to drink such a decoction. It is similar in effect to the antidepressant but does not cause alienation from the world, nausea, and drowsiness. Officially, this method is used in Chinese medicine, so you can safely trust some recipes.

Turmeric face mask

The turmeric face mask is the eternal youth of eastern women. And we will help you to prepare an effective mask further:

  • Turmeric is mixed with dry milk and diluted with water. The composition is applied once a week.
  • Blue clay and 1/4 turmeric – the composition is applied to nourish the skin and rejuvenate.

Also in combination with tea, cottage cheese, and kefir, you can make masks according to the same recipe for old, fading skin.

Turmeric for acne

Turmeric for acne will be useful in the form of the following mixture:

  • ½ teaspoon of powder;
  • Oatmeal in the amount of 1 tbsp;
  • Water – 500 ml.

All ingredients are mixed, and make the composition at bedtime for 3-4 weeks. Use a mask 2-3 times a week. After washing, apply acne cream or skin irritation.

Turmeric for hair

Turmeric for hair is used as a strengthening agent – the hair ceases to be brittle, the tips do not split, and the scalp is completely cleansed of the products of the sebaceous glands.

To prepare the mixture you need:

  • 1 onion;
  • Vitamin B12 in ampoules;
  • Raw egg;
  • ¼ tsp red ground pepper.

Ingredients are mixed, turmeric is added at the end (1 tsp). The composition is applied to the entire length of the hair, hold for 30-40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo and rinse with water. Balms and conditioners do not use on the day of application of the mask.

Are turmeric and curry the same thing?

Housewife opinions on spices are often shared, and many are wondering: Are turmeric and curry the same thing? Turmeric is a ginger plant that has a bitter taste, yellow hue. This is an independent spice. Curry is a spice blend that contains both turmeric and other additives. This is a more global name.

Are saffron and turmeric the same thing?

Since turmeric is sometimes called Indian saffron, the question also arises: Are saffron and turmeric the same thing? Despite the confusion in the names, these are different spices. The saffron has a reddish tint, soft to the touch, more useful than a ground type of spice. Crocus flowers are dried and only then added to the seasoning. However, real saffron, which is difficult to fake, never compares with turmeric – it is the red expensive gold in the world of spices and spices.

Turmeric to increase testosterone

Turmeric to increase testosterone has been studied in animals – it really helps to enrich the body with similar hormones, and also performs the function of protecting the testicles from external influences. To raise the level of the hormone in the blood, it should be remembered – the excess is difficult to eliminate. And before you start taking medications, examine the hormones – what is the balance in your body, and is there any need for taking turmeric as a traditional remedy.

It is also proved that the level of estrogen can drop significantly when taking such spices, so if you can not raise the male hormone, do not despair. The female prototype has become much smaller.

Turmeric for potency

Turmeric for potency is rarely taken because it is only a placebo effect. Spice works well on the prostate, eliminates the formation of metastases. Curcumin has a therapeutic effect on the process of urination – those who suffer from pain and burning, note that the spice actually heals the tissue, produces a soothing effect. Some have noted its effect as an anesthetic. Unfortunately, the potency in men does not depend on the amount of the taken dose of powder.

Does turmeric thin or thicken blood?

Since we have considered the advantages of using spice powder, now let’s talk about the minuses – they are there, and as a spice with spiciness, it is impossible not to wonder – does turmeric thin or thicken blood?

Seasoning affects hypertensive patients, improves their well-being. What does it mean? Ginger-type powdered spices contribute to a decrease in pressure, that is, the blood liquefies when taking turmeric. Also, the spice is useful for pregnant women, when tests confirm the presence of elevated prothrombin. If the fibrinogen percentage of the blood test is high, and D-dimer is prescribed by stabbing in the stomach, it is better to experience a wonderful mixture of seasoning. The substance level of D-dimer will not rise above normal.

How to distinguish real turmeric from fake?

The spice can be faked, and very simply – the powder and the color characteristic of the seasoning are usually created with dyes, and when added to food, everything disappears. How to distinguish the real turmeric from a fake – find out below.

The easiest way is water. We already know that this spice does not dissolve in water. If it partially settles to the bottom of the glass, then turmeric is diluted. If not dissolved – real. But do not forget about the varieties of seasoning – many European countries produce Indian turmeric, which is not afraid of water, perfectly absorbed into the dishes and does not leave colored traces. These are not fakes, but artificially grown cultures.

In conclusion, we note that not always turmeric can be healing due to its properties, place of origin, and variety. Whole choice spice can be bought only in India, where it costs less, and quality is the best. But since we cannot afford expensive tickets for cheap seasoning, in some cases we should not neglect drug treatment. It is itself delivered to the patients in the hands, and more from it than from an independent spice.




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