How to conduct training to sit on the splits in a month?

Undoubtedly, your task is not only the desire to sit on the splits but not to injure your body at the same time. Stretching the muscles is a very delicate matter, especially if you have never done this before. Therefore, it is not necessary to start the exercises headlong. For starters, remember the following points:

One of the main conditions for improving stretching is regular training. Muscle fibers, not to mention the ligaments and joints, tend to lose flexibility and elasticity if you do not develop these qualities purposefully. Therefore, exercise should be done daily, and better, twice a day;

Flexibility should be developed in a comprehensive manner. That is, you can not work only on the legs – you must simultaneously deal with the surrounding muscles. Better yet, if you train your whole body at once;

Another important condition is that the body should be relaxed. If your muscles are clamped, this can lead to stretching or even tearing of the muscle fibers. To avoid this, it is necessary to conduct classes in a warm room, and observing proper breathing techniques;

Before starting the exercises, you should be prepared to feel a little pain. It will be preserved not only during stretching but also sometime after. Exercise smoothly at a calm pace. Focus on your own feelings: lingering at the lowest point for 10–15 seconds, you should feel moderate muscle tension, but not strong pain. You can only use static stretching, in which the muscles are held in one position for several minutes. In this case, progress will be slower, but less painful;

The most important factor is that you should not hope for quick results. If you focus on the results of other people and force training, it will inevitably lead to injury.

To make your muscles and ligaments more elastic, you should take a hot shower and do a warm-up before training. The better your body warms up, the more effective the training will be.

After any workout, you should massage your muscles well. This will help slightly reduce pain and help recovery. It is best to conduct classes in the morning when the muscles are most flexible to stretching, and also in the evening when your joints and ligaments are well warmed. Workout duration must be at least 45 minutes and 3-4 times per week.

never give up!

1. “Fold”

Stretch the muscles of the inner thighs.

Sit on the floor, legs straightened, back held straight. Reach to the toes and lower the body as close to the floor as possible (A). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds (B). Take the starting position. Perform 3 repetitions.

2. Longitudinal semi-twine

Stretch the muscles of the back and inner thighs.

Sit on the floor, spread your legs as wide as possible, hands on the floor, hands on the same line with the shoulders (A). Lean forward and try to put your forearms on the floor (B) (if it is hard for you, just lean as close as possible to the floor). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds. Take the starting position. Perform 2 repetitions.

3. Double twists

Stretch the oblique abdominal muscles, muscles of the legs, and thighs.

Sit on the floor, spread your legs wide. Bend the right knee and pull the foot to the inner surface of the left thigh. Put your left hand on your right knee, your right-hand bend at the elbow put the palm of your right hand on your ear, your fingers look down. Bend to the left side (as in the photo). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds. Take the starting position. Perform 2 repetitions, then change the side.

4. Lunge with hand stretch

Stretch the muscles of the shoulders and hips.

Stand straight, clasp your hands in the lock behind your back, keep your shoulders straight. Perform a lunge with your left foot forward and drop as low as possible to the floor (as in the photo). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds. Take the starting position. Perform 2 repetitions, then change the side.

5. Lunges supported by the knee

Stretch the muscles of the hips and calves.

Perform the previous exercise on the right side. Next, put your left knee on the floor, and with your left hand, pull the foot of your left foot up, right arm up (see photo). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds. Take the starting position. Repeat the exercise, then change the side.

6. Fold with floor touches

Stretch the muscles of the inner thighs.

Stand on the knee of the left leg, but the right leg in front of you on the heel, hands on the hips. Lean forward and place your hands on the floor (as in the photo). Hold this pose for 10–15 seconds. Perform 2 repetitions, change the side.

7. Lunges – half shag

Stretch the muscles of the arms and inner thighs.

Perform a lunge with your left foot forward, put your right knee and hands on the floor, back straight. Drop as low as possible to the floor. Hold this pose for 20 seconds. Change the side.

Nuances of flexibility

If there are no contraindications (chronic diseases of the spine, musculoskeletal system, and injuries), after 40 years, you can sit on the splits and even become more flexible than you were at school! The main thing – to know a few features of the “age” stretching:

The older you are, the longer you need to stretch. Every 10 years of life, stretching time should increase by 7–10 minutes. That is if at 20 years it will be enough to perform all the exercises from our complex once, then after 30, you should repeat the first three exercises, after 40 you should repeat the whole complex twice.

Choose a workout medium intensity. To hip joints were flexible, you need to keep the muscles of the hips, legs, and buttocks in good shape. If you have never run, walk at a fast pace along the street (treadmill) or train on an ellipsoid. Well, instead of group exercises in aerobics, visit the pool (at least 2 times a week): it is proved that regular workouts in water tighten the abdominal muscles, thighs, and buttocks no worse than intense cardio exercises with a shock load on the legs.

Do stretching exercises a good habit. In the morning, as soon as you open your eyes, perform a simple but very effective exercise to stretch all muscle groups: lying on your back, stretch your arms behind your head and stretch your fingers upwards, with your toes downwards. Upon returning home after work, do 2 of any stretching exercises from our complex, after having stretched your muscles (walk 5 minutes at a fast pace or perform a few squats)

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