TRX, why do it?

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TRX classes appeared in the late 90s and were invented by an American infantryman from sea nests, Randy Hetrick, who, in order to keep himself in shape, worked with the “natural” equipment at hand: using a belt for kimono, ropes, and nylon ribbons.

Other infantrymen joined the inventor, and later the lesson became popular: this is how TRX appeared, which means Total Body Resistance. The classic “rag” loops familiar to everyone appeared later, in the early 2000s, with the help of Hatrick, who turned from a retired commando into a businessman who invented a new sport.

In fact, the TRX is a replacement for the gym in one universal device that you can carry with you – you can fasten the TRX loops at home, in the street (trees), or go on a trip with this.

With the help of TRX-training, all large muscle groups are pumped, and a payload with its own weight on the bone system and ligaments is provided. TRX will also help develop endurance and flexibility, improve coordination and a sense of balance. Training allows you to tighten the body, make it beautiful and prominent.

Exercise with its own weight is considered the safest since there is no axial load on the spine and the risk of overdoing the weight of additional equipment. But do not hurry and start with the most difficult exercises – let your body adapt and always listen to the trainer’s advice, especially if you are new to this type of workout.

TRX is not only strengthening muscles but also an excellent cardio load. During the session, your heart rate quickens, which allows you to strengthen the cardiovascular system, develop endurance and improve metabolism. That is why losing weight with TRX is quite simple, and if you combine workouts with proper nutrition – the result certainly does not take long!

As for me, I did try this kind of work out and I must say, I am willing to do it more often)

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