Cellulite, how to fight it?

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Medical science does not consider cellulite a deviation from the norm, or even more a disease. Rather, it is an aesthetic problem. The appearance of bumps on the skin of a woman is due to the presence of their female hormone estrogen. And the more estrogen a lady has, the bigger the bumps will be. For the same reason, men practically do not have cellulite – only those who have hormonal problems.

For the first time about cellulite as a problem, and even one that requires elimination, they started talking in the middle of the 20th century in New York. The mistress of one of the dozens of beauty salons in Manhattan named Nicol Rosner came up with how to increase revenues and discourage customers from competitors. So she invented a great idea by publishing an article about cellulite in Vogue in 1973. Information has touched women for a living, forcing them to think about how to achieve perfectly smooth skin, getting rid of cellulite on the hips, bottom, and sometimes – on the stomach.

Causes of “cellulite”:

– effects of stress hormones;

– improper nutrition;

– sedentary lifestyle and the presence of bad habits.

The photo above shows the difference in the skin with and without cellulite. The main cause of “cellulite” is a violation of the blood supply, its slowing down, due to which the cells of the body receive less oxygen and the nutrients it needs. In the place where the cells are starving, they accumulate fat, along with toxins and harmful substances, which in turn are also not excreted due to slow blood supply. The removal of harmful substances and their neutralization involved the lymphatic system. When blood flow slows down and edema appears in the intercellular space, a vicious circle is formed for the appearance of even more edema, which ultimately slows down the circulation through the blood and lymphatic vessels.

How does cellulite appear:

– excessive fluid accumulates and edema appears inside the cell itself;

– intercellular fluid puts pressure on the cells and vessels, causing interstitial edema, and this already disrupts the flow of blood into the subcutaneous fat, the fat cells transfer to the energy-saving mode;

– Lymph does not cope with the volume of fluid that needs to be withdrawn;

– protein, also known as collagen, begins to be synthesized by connective tissue cells (fibroblasts), which are activated under conditions of hypoxia and microcirculation disorders;

– synthesized collagen is formed around the fat cells and does not release them, the compounds lose elasticity. Therefore, once appeared, “cellulite” will remain forever.

Cellulite treatment begins with the definition of its stage.

It is almost impossible to visually notice the first stage since the skin is still smooth and even, there are no hillocks. But if a woman is well behind herself, then she may note a slight increase in the volume of the hips and abdomen, as well as a slight flabby skin. The reason for these changes is swelling of the subcutaneous fat.

If you squeeze the skin fold with your fingers, you will notice some roughness – the initial manifestations of cellulite.

The second stage is characterized by clearly visible changes – the bumps on the skin are visible without pressure. When feeling can be noted compaction of adipose tissue, sometimes patients complain of a violation of sensitivity in the areas of development of cellulite.

The third stage is called micronodular or the stage of formation of small nodules. Orange peel is visible to the naked eye, the skin, even to the touch, is bumpy. Sensory impairments are clearly expressed – patients poorly determine the temperature difference in the affected area, reduced pain sensitivity.

The fourth stage is called a macronodular stage or a stage of large nodules, respectively. The skin becomes bluish, cold, and firm to the touch, uneven – it is similar to the surface of heterogeneous yeast dough. Palpation of the patient noted pain in the affected area.

There is no magic cure for cellulite, only hard work. Of course, there are many treatments at the beauty salons, clinics, but not all of them are effective enough and, in my opinion, not all of them are really helpful. To tell the truth, it is good business.

Well, let’s talk about options, what you might find a great choice:

Comprehensive cellulite treatment should help you achieve the following goals:

* Accelerate the process of lipolysis. Such methods of hardware cosmetology as anti-cellulite and vacuum massage, various types of wrapping, exposure to electric current and ultrasound, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, carboxytherapy enhance the process of the breakdown of fat cells.

* Eliminate swelling with the help of massage, pressure therapy, electrical stimulation, and mesotherapy.

* Strengthen the vascular wall, acting on it indirectly through massage, pressure therapy, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, wraps, and microcurrents.

* Reduce the activity of fibroblasts will again help you massage, ultrasound exposure, meso – and ozone therapy.

* Increase muscle activity with microcurrents and microstimulation.

* Normalize the condition of the skin – this will help you with all of the above methods.

 Massage is considered to be the main method of fighting cellulite, especially its 3 types:

*Anti-cellulite – it helps to knead not only fatty tissue but also muscles, which leads to an improvement in lymphatic drainage and activation of basal metabolism in the problem area.

*Vacuum canned massage – activates the processes of lipolysis, improves blood supply to the skin and underlying layers, promotes the rapid elimination of toxins.

*LPG massage (endermology) – has almost the same effect on lipocytes as other types of massage. In addition, this method promotes the formation of collagen and elastin, which leads to an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

But remember Massages, after which bruises remain: not the most useful procedure. The fact is that a traumatic massage breaks the microcirculation system (this is indicated by bruises – a bruise, this is the blood that has poured out of ruptured vessels). We also have torn blood vessels and a pool of immune system cells and fibroblasts is formed around the spilled blood, which tends to limit blood flow, forming a scar.

I will suggest you, bruise-free lymphatic drainage massage: improves lymphatic drainage, and with it accumulated filth.

* Ultrasonic cavitation is aimed at softening the subcutaneous layer of adipose tissue, which improves the flow of lymph from the problem area. Increased lymphatic drainage leads to the normalization of the processes of the main metabolism and more rapid elimination of toxins. In my opinion, another effective way, to make it less visible.

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* Mesotherapy involves the introduction into the problem area of ​​special preparations (lipolytic and other meso therapeutic cocktails), which activate the processes of lipolysis and improve microcirculation in the treated area. The big advantage of such injections is the cumulative ability of the injected drugs, which contributes to the effectiveness of this technique.

* Ozone therapy not only helps to get rid of excess fatty tissue but also cares for the skin. This method of dealing with cellulite is to affect the problem area with preparations containing a certain amount of ozone. Under their influence, all types of basal metabolism are normalized, in particular – fat.

* Carboxytherapy or carbon dioxide injections cause hypercapnia at the injection site. The response of the body is the expansion of blood vessels and an increased flow of oxygen to the affected tissues. This process stimulates the rate of cell regeneration, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the burning of fat deposits.

* The impact of pulses of electric current stimulates muscle activity, which also contributes to the improvement of microcirculation in problem areas. Electromyostimulation is also called a procedure for lazy people because you will get exactly the same result in the process of performing physical exercises.

* Electrolipolysis. Electric current can also destroy lipocytes themselves. By changing the charges on the outer and inner side of the fat cell membrane, you force the lipocyte to work in an accelerated mode – they simply “burn out”. In addition to the destruction of fat cells, electrolipolysis stimulates the elimination of toxins and degradation products with the help of the urinary system.

* One of the most modern methods for the treatment of cellulite is considered shock-wave therapy. Acoustic waves affect the point and destroy the jumper between the nodules of adipose tissue. After this procedure, the skin becomes smoother and smoother, and the fatty tissue itself acquires a normal structure.

* Pressotherapy has a powerful lymphatic drainage effect, removing from the body stagnant fluid, the breakdown products of fat cells, toxins, and poisons. This improves blood flow, normalizes metabolic processes.

*Different creams which you think might help, but the truth is, they have a short-term effect: they cause interstitial edema, that is, they mask externally, and exacerbate the problem internally, in fact, the hillocks align only for a short period.

*Pills. Preparations reduce swelling but do not affect the already formed scars and collagen blocks. Therefore, it makes little sense to take them.

Cellulite treatment for varicose veins

All the techniques that have been described above are used for the treatment of healthy women. But how to treat cellulite for those who have varicose veins?

First, you need to say that people with this pathology can not use hot wraps and anti-cellulite massage, as they can cause the formation of hematomas and bruises. Other types of hardware cosmetology can be applied, but sparingly. However, it is necessary to increase the number of sessions, and you will visit the beautician almost every day.

Vibrate the method that is right for you based on the stage of cellulite and your health.

And of course sport 💛

The main ways in the fight against cellulite – constant movement + proper nutrition with a base on proteins and vegetables. This tandem must be made a way of life forever, otherwise, the effect of getting rid of “cellulite” will be very short-lived.

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