What is cardio?

What do you think about cardio? Why we need this training and when better to do it?

Well, let`s talk about this topic more wide. The name “cardio” , literally, means “heart” from greek word καρδια. That’s why this type of training is, actually training for cardiovascular system. There are many kinds of cardio trainings, such as: running, jumping, hiking, riding a bike and others.

Cardiovascular system trainings are very effective at the certain pulse range, so it is really necessary to watch your pulse. Normally, for 30 year old person the pulse supposed to be 123-162 beats per minute. In this case the training will do it`s job, as a burning fat, if less, so it might make only a harm to the health.


   Who needs a cardio?

  1. Everybody needs to do it for cardiovascular system`s health, to keep it in order and for a long life.
  2. Of course, if your goal to gain weight for growing muscles, it’s not the best thing to do. But you can combine cardio with lifting weights, it will help to burn fat even easier.

Yeah, I never could understand people, who comes to the gym just to run on the treadmill for hours)

    3. If you practice cyclic sports, you have to train your endurance.

        That was always hard for me)

    4. Cardio can help in recovery period, but need to take it easy. In this case    

        better not overdo or it might cause even more problems.

    5. As all we know, we need to warm up before working out.

  Cardio as a burning fat training

Well, lots of people do 10-15 minutes of cardio, it is good for a start, but again, it is only warm up. To tell the truth, if you spend 45 minutes or an hour on the treadmill, it will burn quiet amount of calories, but it is not really burning fat yet. Training will be more effective if to combine types of trainings, healthy food and rest. Exactly, weightlifting with cardio together will do great results, even after training, your body will keep burn fat for a while. Oh, did you notice that “Tabata” sounds similar to this idea? But definitely, depends on exercises which were used.

Anyway, I will repeat again, no dieting, it just make things worse, especially if your goal are muscles, we need to eat properly. I mean,come on, we need to feed these babies!

Let me give you an advice: it will be just perfect if you do weightlifting 3 times a week, 45-50 minute cardio 3 times a week. It is better to do it in different days, but it is one the same day too, just always better to focus on specific things.

Experts suggest to do cardio not less than 30 minutes in order to get at least some result from the training. If you never did this before, so better start from 10 minutes and increase each time you do it again.

If you do it more than an hour, your body starts to burn muscles as well. no matter how much fat you have. So, your choice if you want to grow muscles or not.

I usually do cardio after weightlifting, there is the reason for this. If to start from cardio before weightlifting, we will use all glycogene at the very beginning, but we need it for working on muscles.

Share with me your ideas. How do you train? Did you find anything useful in this post?


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