What is Wing Chun?


This part about is something special for me.

I had some experience with this wonderful way of living.

From ancient times people wanted to create something perfect and, in my opinion, they did, specifically, in China.

Wing Chun is the methods of training and self-perfection that have been perfected in practice over the centuries and turned into not only a perfect combat system, but also the strengthening and prevention of diseases.

In Medieval period martial arts were used for hurting people, so with this reason old teachers stopped teaching many these art`s secrets. All secrets could learn only students with high level of spirituality.

At the beginning, Wing Chun were intended only for people with high morals and high principles, that`s why only intelligence could afford that.

Do you want to know how this style was created?

Well, story in short, five the best teachers from Shaolin decided to create a new style. They wanted to put together the best and effective techniques. For this they choose the best students and started preparation.

In 1720 monastery Shaolin was burnt, lots of monks got killed, but some teachers and students survived, these five monks were in this number of people. One of creators, woman named Ngu Mai Ni was hiding in the temple Bat Hak. Exactly her continued work on new style by watching animals in nature, their moves and struggling for life. Once she decided to host a beautiful young lady, who needed help. Her name was Nim Wing Chun “Eternal Spring”, she was in a run from a man, who was forcing her to marry, she did not love him. So, Ngu Mai took her as a student. They moved to mountain were they were safe together. After Death of Ngu Mai, Wing Chun continued her work. She was watching animals just like her teacher did. By the time Wing Chun finished a new style, it has got five symbols, which develop internal and external human`s qualities, such as: Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Crane and Dragon. Finally, Wing Chun comes home to her father, she tried first the new style in order to protect herself from that man, who did not forget her and still wanted to marry her. Instead, she getting marry with a man whom she really loved and he becomes her first student. After her death, her husband gave a name to this style, Wing Chun.


So, after arose many styles, such as: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kuen, Wing Chun tsuan, Wing Chun Kuen Pai and others.

Wing Chun Kuen Pai is a Vietnamese style, which was brought from China by Youen Chai Van, who opened his school there. At the beginning was difficult and people was not so friendly, but at the end, exactly Youen Chai Van was a teacher of Ip Man, who known as a strongest man in China. If you don`t know yet, Ip Man was a teacher of a legend, Bruce Lee.


Wing Chun is a respected style among martial arts. Wing Chun teaches us very important knowledge, it helps to understand yourselves, the way to live and to be a great person inside and outside, how not to do mistakes and to analyze the situation.

If you want to be successful in Wing Chun you should work hard every day. Need to understand deeply the whole meaning of this style, traditions. The whole point is “Use of Spirit”.

By learning internal, necessary to seek for deeper understanding and then in every difficult situations you will achieve Wing Chun knowledge easily.

I started to practice Wing Chun in Odessa, Ukraine. I had a nice teacher. I went for seminar where I met the great teachers, who were showing us new moves, sharing their knowledge, and were giving advices.

If you are interested for more information you can check the link: http://wingchun.name/

You can order books, which might be very useful for you.


Information what I shared was taken from one of the books. I would say, these books can be your best friends.


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