What is CrossFit?

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What do you think about Crossfit?

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A little bit of history about this kind of sport. The CrossFit system of circular training originated in the United States as a firefighter training system and quickly gained worldwide popularity outside the profession. Every year a large number of CrossFit tournaments are held, including the World and European Championships.

When CrossFit came to Europe first time, it aroused great interest among fans of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

So, CrossFit is a circular training which means, that exercises have to be repeated always like a chain, one after another. These exercises need to be made for a short time. This system of training has a difference from ordinary circular training.

First of all, it is circular training with weights, which helps to improve strength, endurance, and agility at the same time. That`s why preparation for this kind of training consists of 3 parts, such as gymnastics, cardio, and weightlifting.

Second of all, there are no isolated exercises, like people do in the gym with equipment and with a free weight. This training consists of complex exercises like traction, presses, jerks, pushes, lifting on the chest, and combinations of these exercises with weights, barbells, and dumbbells. It also includes exercises with its own weight( parallel bar, horizontal bar, rings, jumps, lunges) and endurance exercises- this is running, jumping rope, cardiovascular equipment, swimming, cycling.

Third of all, training has to be made on different days with different physical qualities. For example, strength and agility, endurance and agility, endurance and strength.

The training concept of CrossFit can be called one of the best in the development of general physical fitness. The individual complex is selected based on the ability of the athlete and the equipment of the training area. The equipment and size of the training area for CrossFit are a little different from the usual.

Of course, you can prepare yourself for this kind of training at home, but be careful, not everybody can do it easily. Need to start from simple things first and very important with a trainer and need to be discussed with your doctor.

Proper load distribution is excellent physical fitness and great health.

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