Quality of fitness clothes.

How do you usually buy your outfit for fitness?

Do you try it, if it fits and looks beautiful  you buy?

Well, to be honest, I have tried different qualities and believe me, there is a difference. After ruining quiet cute sets, in my opinion, with doing ordinary exercises, I understood that the fabric for these sets is not really perfect or I am too crazy while I am working out)

Sometimes fabric is too thin and your skin can be seen under, maybe even your body flaws if you have it. Obviously, we want to be confident in our look,especially in the gym or yoga and not to worry about other members`s eyes,right?

Sometimes it was made weird, for example, too tight in legs and too wide in waist that you wandering, for whom it was made.


I admit, I have couple of leggins I bought in Internet store, which exactly like that.  Good reason not to buy it there, unless you are sure in product and you trust the seller.  Normally, in Internet  stores hard to choose correct size and you are never sure if it feel nice on the skin. I had some times,I had a rush and burning on my legs, so think twice before buying cheap clothes. Better  try it and see how is it on your body, how it feels like, if it is comfortable.

Of course, there are stores whom you can trust, they usually ask you to measure yourself and they use good materials in order not to disappoint their clients.

To tell the truth, I would suggest you  to have a few good outfit, than to have 20 cheap. It don`t have to be the most expensive brand, it can be something simple. The most expensive doesn`t mean yet the best. 

It is always better if your outfit from natural fabric or fabric which was created exactly for sport. Usually this type of product let your skin breath, there is no allergy and discomfort from that.

Most of the cheap leggins and bras for fitness were made from fabric which supposed to be used for swimsuits. In swimsuits it doesn`t cover the whole body,so in this case it is safe. Also cheap clothes getting ruined really fast. I would say, 3 months and you need to buy something new. Spend money correct and you don’t have to pay many times in order to have outfit, which gonna last for long.

Good things are not really cheap, remember that.  It is always about price on fabric, payment for workers, rent for the store and other. Just think, if you bought leggins for 6 dollars, what`s the real price of that? Do you feel safe wearing that?

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