Gym. What we need to know about it.

Do you usually work out in the gym or at home?

There are some difference, but you can achieve the same great results even with simple exercises at home.

Some people find this kind of working out boring, some people enjoy the process.

If you choose the gym, so be sure you are careful. Lots of people being injured because they think they can do everything, to lift as more weights as it possible, if they do not pay attention on position of their back, knees, for example, they think they will get stronger and will look like fitness models. But it is mistake. Better less weight, but with right technique and do exercises slowler and you will feel the results of your hard work next day for sure. If you don`t, it does not  mean there is something wrong. Everybody are different and our bodies react in different ways on exercising.

When you see nice pictures with fitness models, how long do you think they needed work out and to stick on healthy food in order to get it? Well, I have seen lots of clients of fitness centers who were coming to get ready for summer before a few weeks till they planned to go to the beach. I found it really cute and funny. What`s bad in this, these people do not understand that they doing something wrong. Very important to understand, that perfect shape of the body can be achieved with a years of hard work and patients. Of course, need to be ready to this way of living, not everybody can follow the diet and to find inspiration for exercising. So, my advice, find someone who gonna inspire you. It helps me, I hope will do the same to you.

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So, let`s mark important things in order to achieve perfect body and to be content with yourself:

  1. Find inspiration.
  2. Healthy food.
  3. Exercising not less that 3 times per week.
  4. Right technique of exercising. Try to feel your body, it helps to understand if you doing something wrong, feel the muscles.
  5. Take a friend with you, it might help you to find desire to train and also, you can help each other with exercises.
  6. To be positive.
  7. Comfortable outfit.
  8. Don`t overdo, it is enougth 1-1,5 hour. some people have long trainings, usually professionals, but it is not only lifestyle for them, it is work. Their nutrition is different as well. So long workouts can be dangerous as well, so, if you decided to change your life that much, start with professional trainer.
  9. If you lift something heavy, use the belt, to support your back and be careful with your knees, it is too much pressure for them. Careless behaviour in the gym, cause of injuries, do not forget.
  10. Don`t hesitate to ask someone to explain exercise or how to use equipment.
  11. Do not work on the same muscles every time you attend the gym, change the way of exercising. There are plenty of different ways to do it. Muscles need a rest, axactly in this time they grow more. It is our physics.

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