What to do if you cannot fall asleep?


30% population of Earth suffering from insomnia. There are lots of reasons for that, such as using electronic devices till late at night, crazy lifestyle, eating before sleep, lights in the room, stress, fears of something…

People whose age from 30 to 50, usually, having this problem. For the last years the number of people with insomnia increasing more and more.

Honestly, one of the reasons is our own choices. We choose a crazy lifestyle, we denied following advice, which helps us to relax and to be healthy. We noticing problems when it is late or harder to fix.

Problems, first of all, in our minds. Life is supposed to be easier with progress, but there are disadvantages as well. Most of the people don`t even know how to use correctly all that progress gave us or again, they resist following the rules.

Sometimes they think working non-stop will give them the opportunity to gain all money in the world, but to tell you a truth,  not everybody admits that they are not happy. There is no health, no life. What I wanted to say, if no health, you cannot work and enjoy your life, so, no money. You should understand, that not money makes us happy. Happiness is our families and the good condition of our bodies and minds.

Remember, everybody needs rest after physical and mental work.

So, let`s talk about facts which can help you to fall asleep in time in order to feel rested and happy in general.

1.As I was writing before, don`t use electronic devices 3 hours before sleep. The blue lights from them impact our brain`s function, which means, our brain keeps working like it does daytime when it is supposed to relax. Usually, we have lots of thoughts, which, literally, keep us awake. Better to read a book, it even helps you fall asleep faster, it is a fact.

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2. Eating before sleep. This way we force our organs to work on digestion not at the right time, besides, it leads to stomach issues, obesity, cellulite for women, bad smell from the mouth, depression, and others. To cut a story short, at night time all body functions are slowing down. So, think first before eating very late. I will suggest eating 3 hours before sleep and something light. It goes without saying that we should not go to bed hungry too. It will keep you awake as well and can be the reason for stomachache.

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3. Stress. I mentioned this fact before and am not tired to say, that stress is the biggest enemy after ourselves. Stress can lead to totally anything, from physical issues to mental. So, learn how to control your thoughts or they gonna control you!

I will suggest doing some Yoga. There are plenty of Yoga kinds, eat helps with some specific things, like sleeping disorder in this case.


Another thing which you should know, pets are best friends. They do help us to recover, to feel better. Sometimes they make us forget all our problems and look at them from another point of view. No matter if it is a cat or fish.

From my perspective, being busy with something, like hobbies, work, being with friends is a great way to deal with stress. Personally, I think in more calm and relaxing moments easier to find the solution to that what torturing you.

One more thing, if you do sport, it helps to get rid of anger, stress, depression.

4. Drinking lots of water or other liquids before sleep. It doesn`t seem like the biggest problem, but also has a place in our sleeping issues. It is not the best thing to do, because it might wake you up every time when you need the restroom, or even worse, you wake up in the morning with horrible pain, which means it can lead to a bladder problem. Furthermore, swollen feet may also be an undesirable result of drinking too much water at night time.

5. Lights, noise, smell. For some people all of these factors are irritants. Try to get rid of them and you will feel better. Darkroom, peace, and quiet are the signal to our brain that it is time to sleep. If it is hard to do, there are numerous things you can use, like earplugs, sleep masks.

6. Heat and cold, in my opinion, irritants too, if too much of that. Just pick a comfortable temperature or clothes for sleeping, which better were from natural fabric and problem is solved.

7. Sometimes, the quality of our bed, pillows is not pleasant at all. It may keep us awake too. Have you ever notice that in the mornings you have pain in the back or neck, maybe you are tired? Well, be sure, need to choose pillows carefully. It is important for our health. Never save on your own health!

So, a big and harsh pillow can be a reason for spine issues. In my humble opinion, something small or at least that, what makes you comfortable by using it is the best choice.

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I hope this information was useful for you.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

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