What to do in order to be healthy?

Probably, you ask these questions very often! What to do in order to be healthy? What am I doing wrong? Sounds familiar?

So, let’s talk about important facts which you should know:

1. Drink enough water. All of you know that water is an important thing in our existence. The human body consists of 80 % of water. As we all heard “water is a life” and it is true. If we drink not enough water it leads to numerous health issues, such as obesity, dry skin, tiredness, weight loss, and others.

Don`t forget, normally, humans should drink 4 % water of their own weight, which means from 2 to 2,7 liters for women and from 2,5 to 3,7 liters for men. If you do sport or drink lots of coffee, water dosage is increasing. One more thing, tea, juice, soup, and other liquids are not considered.

You should know that need to drink water correctly. Every morning, when you woke up, drink a glass of water, it helps to start your day) After this start making your breakfast!

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2. Eat healthily. Lots of people saying that a healthy lifestyle is expensive. I agree with some things, it always depends on what you choose. Of course, if you choose expensive ingredients, soon you will tell it is not easy, but believe me, there are many budget products which you can buy. Don`t worry, it is also can be tasty. You can eat 2 times per day or 5, no matter, just be sure that you divided calories which you should eat daily.

Never refuse completely unhealthy foods. I am pretty sure, you know it causes failure, so sometimes you can allow yourself to eat something, that you want. No one told us that we cannot let us have a slice of pizza once per week or two, very important to pick the right time. In the evenings better to have light meals, full of proteins and vegetables.

Never go to sleep hungry, the last meal should be 3 hours before sleep. If it is really difficult, so 1 hour before going to bed.

3.Sleep well. Sleep is important too, oh, yes! 1/3 of our lives we sleep. Some people just dreaming to get a rest because of hard work or sleeping disorders. In sleep our body regenerates. So, whatever you had, probably you heard ” …you are sick, you should sleep more and you will feel better”.

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If you slept not enough, in the mornings hard to wake up, you can be late for work, for example, you feel tired and having a really bad mood like it is not your day, perhaps, even anger. Do you need this?

You are not a robot, have a break!

If you have a hard time falling asleep, don’t use any electronics 3 hours before sleep, their blue light does not let your brain relax. Make some relaxing yoga, do not eat before going to bed.

Did you know that the best way to sleep is to turn on the left side?

4. No stress. As I used to say “From stress, all of the illnesses” From stress people can get sick, even if they are sure there wasn’t any reason. Come on, guys, really? Have you ever felt weakness, lack of energy, horrible mood, and fast heart beating? Is it good for your health? Stress does not let you relax, sleep, sometimes eat.

Remember Buddha saying:

-Do you have a problem?


-Can you solve it?


-So, calm down, there is nothing you can do.

-Do you have a problem?


-Can you solve it?


-So, calm down, you gonna solve it”

Here is another antistress for you! Pets are really good antifreeze, even if it is just a fish.

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Helps yoga and friends as well)

Never seek easy ways to calm down, alcohol and drugs do not solve anything!

5. Do sport. I always say, there are lots of choices of great ways to be healthy. No matter what you choose: ballet, gym or swimming. All of that is your way. Very important to feel comfortable and enjoy the moments. If it helps you, so you picked the right way! It doesn’t mean you should work out in the gym for 5 hours, to overdo also can cause health issues. Enough 1-2 hours. Depends on the kind of sport. It is not necessary to do sport every day, even better one day work out, next rest day.

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6. If your body needs a sport, so your brain also needs work. Read, learn languages, write stories. As more we use our brains as the longer we stay young!

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7. Love yourself. All of us are special. If you won’t love yourself, no one will.


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